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The Killer Clown Craze!

The Killer Clown Craze!

YouTube, Millenials, Teen Guys, Teen Girls
11 Oct 2017
by Charlie Austen

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* The first killer clown was founded in 1929 when Otto Griebling, during Freidburg's annual Clown Fest, turned on his audience with a set of juggling knives. No eyewitnesses were left to tell the tale so it is unclear what drove Otto to this terrible act, although it is said that he had spotted his clown crush, Gertude Giggler, honking the nose of Otto’s bitter rival, Tobias Tickles, which was enough to send him into a murderous rage. *

 I used to think this was a silly tale until last year, when Otto's army of killer clowns made an unwelcome return.


Jokes aside, this was a craze that seemingly came out of nowhere. The graph below shows that there were 0 killer clown videos, and 0 views, from October 2015 – end of September 2016. Then, in October, there were 6,187 uploads which generated an eye-watering 350,106,163 views!

The craze went so far that it gained worldwide media coverage, mostly urging these terrifying creatures to stop what they were doing. It wasn’t funny, but my gosh it was entertaining for YouTube viewers. The general theme with YouTube, if you didn’t know, is that if content works it usually gets recycled in some way.

So, will killer clowns make a comeback? 


For legitimate information as to the origins of the killer clown, follow this link.

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