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Our Top 3 Halloween YouTube Videos From 2016

Our Top 3 Halloween YouTube Videos From 2016

YouTube, Millenials, Teen Guys, Teen Girls, Families
5 Oct 2017
by Charlie Austen

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Trick or Treat?

Trick? I can pat my head whilst rubbing my tummy, but that's for another time... Instead, we have a treat in store to kick off the spookiest of months, so come out from under those covers and enjoy these examples of Halloween creativity. 

Halloween is a big deal on YouTube (if you didn't know), with influencers posting Halloween related content to thrill, scare, and entertain their viewers. To give you a feel for the types of content that proved popular last year, here are our three favourite Halloween videos from 2016, brought to you by YouTubers with under 500k subscribers. 

1. Maymo

Coming in at numero uno is this prank video from the hilarious US based dog channel Maymo. The channel has 436k subscribers but raked in 15.1m views with 'Halloween Prank: Skeleton Scares Dog'.

2. Bella Makeup

Bella's channel has just 19.7k subscribers, yet this is an example of the marketing opportunities Halloween presents with this Werewolf Makeup Tutorial amassing 1.2m views.

3. Zoes Fancy Cakes 

Treats and sweets are a popular topic around Halloween and Zoes Fancy Cakes, a channel with 300k subscribers, has amassed 2.3m with this stunning Halloween inspired cake. 

These videos show how Halloween can be a creative opportunity for YouTubers and brands alike. Matching a cool idea with the right influencer for Halloween can be hugely successful when it comes to marketing. 

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