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This Astounding Influencer Will Definitely Impress You

This Astounding Influencer Will Definitely Impress You

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13 Sep 2017
by Charlie Austen

Instrumental finds talent that drives sales. We use our TalentAI technology to identify fast growing online creators and influencers that offer high returns to our media clients and brand partners.

Fashion fans get excited, we are one day closer to London Fashion Week! It is a funny thing fashion, trends come and go, and trend setters come and go. Therefore it is important for brands to be up-to-speed with the latest fast-growing fashion influencers in order to utilise their influence while it lasts. 

Well, here at Instrumental we are feeling quite generous. We've decided to showcase our discovered talent and reveal another of YouTube's fastest growing fashion influencers. She is a trusted voice to her followers and will be attending London Fashion Week to give her subscribers quality fashion insights.

We give to you:

Fashion Mumblr: 184k Subscribers

Josie (aka Fashion Mumblr) is a London based Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle blogger and vlogger. Her following has been consistently growing at an impressive rate over the last 3 months and shows no sign of slowing down. Last month alone her YouTube channel grew 11%, from 162k to 184k. Josie's global audience are primarily US based at 29%, with 15% of her following in the UK. Her audience are 95% female with 67.5% of her viewers aged under 25, giving her a highly targeted audience that brands can tap into.

Check out the high quality of Fashion Mumblr's content for yourselves...

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