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The New Fashion Influencer Everyone Is Talking About..

The New Fashion Influencer Everyone Is Talking About..

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12 Sep 2017
by Charlie Austen

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The countdown is on, London Fashion Week is almost upon us and as such, we thought we would provide an exclusive insight into one of the UK's fastest growing fashion influencers taking YouTube by storm.

Fashion bloggers and vloggers can be a key marketing tool for your brand as their audiences are often dedicated and loyal to the influencer's opinions. London Fashion Week makes for the perfect event to showcase your products and this influencer might just be one to help you do that. Introducing...

EMMA HILL - 68.9k Subscribers

If you know Emma it will most likely be from her Instagram account, which has 281k followers, or from her popular and well respected blog, EJ Style. Emma has now expanded her social presence and delved into the world of YouTube with her new fashion channel.

After a trial run series of 3 videos on her channel 9 months ago, Emma decided to increase her focus on YouTube 3 months ago. This is proving to be a wise decision as, after steady initial subscriber growth, her subscribership grew by a staggering 53.4k in the last 30 days alone! This amounts to a growth rate of 77% in the last 30 days which shows Emma to be an influencer with momentum, and one that industry experts are certainly talking about. 

Emma's audience demographic is unsurprisingly 98% female with 91% of her viewers aged under 35. These viewers are located mainly in the US (29%), and the UK (26%). Emma could be a great choice of influencer as she has both a highly targeted audience and creates quality content across multiple platforms. 

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