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Influencer of the Week - Holly Vlogs

Influencer of the Week - Holly Vlogs

YouTube, Mums, Families
8 Sep 2017
by Charlie Austen

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Onwards with this week's series celebrating the kids going back to school. We are celebrating because this one is for you mums. It's away with the little rascals and time to enjoy yourselves. 

Steady on. First you need to kit out your child with stationary for heading back to school. So, here is our example of a 'Mummy Vlogger' to help mums choose the right stash.

Thursday: Holly Vlogs - UK 

Holly Vlogs is the YouTube channel of Facebook's most followed money saving expert in the UK, Holly Smith. Occasionaly featuring her husband, Callum, and her two daughters, Molly and Bella, Holly vlogs about her rare illnesses as well as her main focus, bargains and coupon shopping for her family. This niche subject means that her subscribers are highly engaged and know which channel to visit when they are looking for a bargain. As such, her viewers are comprised of 82% females with 84% of her total audience based in the UK. Holly's channel continues to see growth with a subscriber increase of 14% in the last 30 days. This channel would therefore be ideal to promote discounted bundles of kit for children going back to school in the UK.  

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