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Back To School: Wednesday

Back To School: Wednesday

YouTube, Millenials, Mums, Families
6 Sep 2017
by Charlie Austen

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Following on from yesterday's first 'Back to School' profile of Jessalyn Grace, we can reveal our second fast-growing influencer for the start of the school year. Drum roll please...

Thank you, Mr Watts, but that is the ride cymbal, we wanted a drum roll. Anyway... 

Wednesday: Zarola Kids - Spain 

Yes, you guessed it, it's Zarola Kids. The adorable Spanish father/daughter relationship melts the hearts of viewers as they create hilarious content which consists of a variation of challenges, hauls, vlogs, pranks and games. Their channel has seen rapid growth in the last 30 days, increasing subscribership by 16%, and the figure now stands at a total of 90.9k subscribers. Zarola Kids' viewers are highly engaged as highlighted by the fact that the estimated views per video after 30 days is 92.8k. Their audience demographic is intriguing as all the 66.6% male audience are aged between 35-44 and all the 33.3% female audience are aged between 25-34. And, as expected, Spanish speaking countries are where their viewers reside with 45% coming from Spain, 15% from Argentina, and 13% from Mexico. Therefore, the channel's audience are young Spanish speaking parents, making Zarola Kids the perfect platform to market 'Back to School' products. 

Here they are in action: 

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