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Back To School: Tuesday

Back To School: Tuesday

Technology, Shopping, Style, YouTube, Millenials, Mums, Families
5 Sep 2017
by Charlie Austen

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It's that time of the year again. The summer holidays are over and children are busy kitting themselves out for the new school year. New equipment and new clothes to impress their friends and new stationary to maximise their educational performance. All are essential to kick off the new term. Using our TalentAI, we thought we'd identify 5 of the fastest growing influencers from around the world whose 'Back To School' content would be the perfect platform to market relevant products or brands. Each day this week will feature a profile of a growing micro-influencer from around the world.

Tuesday: Jessalyn Grace - USA

9-year-old Jessalyn Grace is a YouTuber based in the US whose channel focuses on DIY, reviews, hauls, giveaways and the occasional vlog. Since her first video upload on July 6th 2016, Jessalyn has accumulated 230k subscribers and continues impressive channel growth. In the last 30 days her subscribership has grown by 28k, in terms of percentage, that is a 14% channel growth in the last 30 days. Her subscribers are also highly engaged as her average views per video after 30 days is 154k. Jessalyn's viewers are primarily based in her native USA, accounting for 65% of her subscribers, while the remaining 35% of her audience demographic are global. 32.5% of her audience are male, while the largest female audience age cohort is 25-34 year olds who make up 27.5% of her total audience. 

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