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Influencer of the week: Freddie Harrel

Influencer of the week: Freddie Harrel

Fashion, Hair Care, Style, YouTube, Instagram, Magazine, Millenials, Teen Guys, Mums, Teen Girls, Young Professionals
18 Aug 2017
by Charlie Austen

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Freddie (Frederique) Harrel is an influencer on the rise and one to keep an eye out for. Her main media outlet is Instagram, with 123,000 followers, but she is now looking to expand her YouTube channel with her recent diary-like vlogs which follow her journey to entreprenurial success. It is here where viewers really get a taste of Freddie's larger-than-life character and free-spirited approach to business. 

Freddie's story began as founder and CEO of SHE Unleashed, a confidence workshop where she inspires and guides women to improved self-appreciation. Also a mother, a blogger, and now proud owner of a hair salon in POP Brixotn, 'Big Hair, No Care', Freddie is a hard-working and driven individual with a lot to offer. 

Freddie's Instagram mostly consists of style and fashion content which stems from her work as a model. Her exposure in magazines has lead to a loyal Instagram following and fanbase, giving her the perfect foundation to launch her YouTube channel. As such, Freddie is marked as an influencer set for fast growth.

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