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3 niche YouTube channels you need to know about now!

3 niche YouTube channels you need to know about now!

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11 Aug 2017
by Beth Pickard

Instrumental specialises in the discovery of influencers for brand and media partnerships. We search billions of videos daily to find the emerging creators and influencers that can drive sales for our clients now and in the future. The data and insights delivered by our TalentAI tech allows us to identify and partner the right influencers with the right brands to reduce marketing costs while driving sales for our clients.

1. Taylor Cut Films

It is truly unbelievable that Jordan Wright, aka the man behind Taylor Cut Films remains fairly unknown with only 132k subscribers to date. If you ever get that burning desire to travel then this channel is where to go for inspiration. We don’t often see editing this mesmerising, such that you feel entirely encompassed in the cinematic worlds Jordan portrays, from cities and mountains to jungles and oceans. It also helps that he's joined by his gorgeous girlfriend Alyssa Lynch, making for absolute #CoupleGoals.

2. Philosophy Tube

When the government tripled university fees Olly decided to give away his philosophy degree for free by uploading videos focusing on different areas of the subject to his YouTube channel. He says he wants to inspire people to take cutting edge academia and apply it to their real lives, whether they are studying philosophy or not. Olly you real life hero you! At only 140k subscribers we think many people are missing out on so much fascinating insight!

3. Steven Bridges

Steven is a magic guru and his videos will leave you dumbfounded. From street tricks in public to secrets and tips and tricking other YouTubers, before you know it you’ll be sucked into that video hole, making your way through each one wide eyed. Steven certainly deserves more than his 112k subs!

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