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the key to cracking Generation Z

the key to cracking Generation Z

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15 Aug 2017
by Charlie Austen

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Generation Z (those born 1996-2010) are the next wave of consumers and therefore need to be understood by brands and marketers.

Gen Z’s spend on average 74% of their free time online. Their vices are social media platforms where they digest content from their favourite influencers. As such, the best way to access Gen Z’s is where they already are, not where they are not. So why advertise on TV when most of them are busy watching their favourite influencers on YouTube, or flicking through their favourite Instagrammers?

These youngsters are a marketing-aware generation who have been bombarded by advertising since they will remember. They are fed up. They don’t want it. They are becoming less and less responsive to traditional advertising techniques, especially on their sacred space of social media.

Instead, content must be smart, subtle and inclusive. It must be cutting-edge, new-era, slick.

Gen Z’s are passionate about their chosen influencers. Influencers are digital friends who they can relate to and feel invested in. So when brands engage these digital influencers for campaigns to promote relevant products, the result is more meaningful and genuine.

However, remeber, it must be slick. Brands can’t just shove a product into the influencers' hands and expect results. Influencers must be seen to be using and liking the product, transmitting the positive energy to their viewers. The campaign must engage the viewer and activate the consumer into action. Therefore, creative content must mask the bluntness of marketing and camouflage it so that Gen Z’s become responsive.

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