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3 Gaming YouTubers On The Rise

3 Gaming YouTubers On The Rise

Gaming, YouTube, Millenials
9 Aug 2017
by Charlie Austen

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NEWS FLASH: Gamers are no longer watching TV or going to retail, and 40% of gamers use ad-blocking tools.   


It is therefore extremely difficult to access gamers with traditional and digital marketing campaigns.

Fear not, influencer marketing holds the key to these issues. Why? Because gamers are using YouTube and Twitch as their primary media platforms and frequently look to gaming influencers for top tips, with 90% of gamers using YouTube weekly.

As a result, gamer influencers are becoming an integral part of any meaningful video-game-marketing campaign because of their huge subscribership by engaged audiences. After all, 64% of gamers download games after seeing them on YouTube. With esports on the rise and the competitive market of mobile games, having an influencer on board is becoming a necessity when marketing gaming products.

So, let’s see which gamer influencers are on the rise this month:

1. Curtis Morton

242k subscribers

Curtis is a British gaming YouTuber whose FIFA orientated content showcases his vast knowledge of the game. This resonates with his 99.4% male subscribers who largely reside in the UK (31%) and the US (14%). He particularly attracts under 24-year-olds (73% of his audience) and most impressively, generates an average of 149k views per video, displaying his highly engaged audience.

2. Rose and Rosie

113k subscribers

British couple Rose and Rosie, previously renowned for their lifestyle content, have now created a gaming YouTube channel that has already inspired 113k subscribers after just 20 videos to date. They are at the forefront of female gaming with a 70% female following and an engagement of 127k views on average per video. Their give-it-a-go attitude makes for fun and friendly videos with a side of flirting to say the least!

3. Oompaville

423k subscribers

Oompaville is an American YouTuber who reviews and demonstrates PC games with his vlogger style delivery. His humour and special effects make for highly entertaining videos that his majority US audience (59%) enjoy on a regular basis with his daily uploads. His channel is consistently growing with 52k subscribers joining in the last 90 days.

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