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Revolutionise Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Revolutionise Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

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3 Aug 2017
by Tess Moujaes

Instrumental finds talent that drives sales. We use our TalentAI technology to identify fast growing online creators and influencers that offer high returns to our media clients and brand partners.

Just last year Mountain Dew evolved its influencer marketing strategy to cut out the middle men (the influencer-brokers and the MCNs). The brand then built its own network of digital stars to great success.

Rather than running mass ad campaigns with hundreds or even thousands of YouTubers, which commonly happens when brands dip their toes into influencer marketing, Mountain Dew built deep, ongoing relationships working with just 4 key content creators. This strategy highlights how long-term partnerships has the potential to provide more value than short-term brand deals.

Brendan Gahan from Mountain Dew’s social media agency, Epic Signal, explains the importance of longevity when working with influencers “The human element is really key … you want to find people who's eyes light up with the brand. There is a lot of hype around the space, and so much investment. It doesn't benefit the brand, the viewer or the creator if brands are just dipping in and out."

A web creator, "becomes a strategic partnership, it's really meaningful and a bit more sustainable. Rather than restarting things all the time these creators become an extension of the marketing arm."

This endeavor has thus far generated 326 million video views and 4.6 million engagements on socials, proving the value when brands build long-term relationships directly with influencers. This in turn begs the question, how long before other brands follow suit?

Instrumental recognises the importance of partnering with emerging content creators early to build long-term strategic partnerships. Our TalentAI tech unearths these content creators and matches them with brands who can then tap into their growing audiences and influence.

Take The Food Ranger for example: in January 2016 he had 18,000 YouTube subscribers, this figure jumping to over 500,000 in under a year, with his growth showing no signs of slowing. A brand embarking on a long-term partnership with The Food Ranger back in early 2016 would have benefited from the huge number of followers he has since amassed.

For more insights into The Food Ranger , one of the fastest growing influencers Instrumental’s TalentAI tech has unearthed this year, or advice on your influencer marketing strategy, contact

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