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Influencer of the week: Joe Binder

Influencer of the week: Joe Binder

YouTube, SnapChat, Instagram, Teen Guys, Young Professionals
28 Jul 2017
by Beth Pickard

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Over recent months YouTube has seen a rise in student vloggers, whose channels aim to insight their audiences on their exciting lives at university. This includes several creators attending the most prestigious Redbrick establishments in the country such as Oxford and Cambridge. These universities typically hold very traditional, serious and academic connotations for the vast majority of us not lucky enough to attend. Vlogger Joe Binder is a fine example of someone who has broken down these stereotypical assumptions by revealing the true reality of a Cambridge university experience. We caught up with him to find out what is next for him as he graduates.

Describe your channel and what is next for your content?

I'm weeks away from graduating Cambridge University, and I've been documenting my student journey on YouTube for the past year as a series of weekly vlogs. I'll now be focussing solely on YouTube, trying to collaborate with other individuals to improve the quality of my content and do more.

What inspired you to share aspects of your life and personality on YouTube?

Watching Gary Vaynerchuk - an online businessman and entrepreneur - inspired me to start taking advantage of the technologies around me that would help me document my life. He also made me realised I could earn a living through my passion for video making and telling stories.

How best do you engage with your audience?

I use instagram comments to engage and ask people to screenshot a selection of options or screenshot a certain snapchat from a wider selection to create a poll, which works really well.

How would you decide which products to endorse or promote on your channel?

I'd only endorse products on my channel that it makes sense for me to endorse. For example, an aftershave company reached out for me to create a two-minute video advert for them on my channel, which I refused. If uploaded, this content would not have fit my channel very well and would have seemed random and insincere to my audience.

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