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Making the most out of influencer marketing

Making the most out of influencer marketing

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1 Jun 2017
by Beth Pickard

Instrumental finds talent that drives sales. We use our TalentAI technology to identify fast growing online creators and influencers that offer high returns to our media clients and brand partners.

With more brands turning to influencer marketing there are many questions facing marketers who are looking to make the most out their campaigns and better understand the space. As a different production model to typical forms it is important to fully understand what you are signing up to. Here we look at a few key questions that brands typically ask when going into an influencer campaign. 

1)    How do I get the most out of my budget for an influencer campaign?

 The key to this is to set clear goals and deliverables for your campaign. There are various decisions to be made depending on the type of engagement you are looking for - whether it is overall brand awareness or a particular action or purchase, these all require specific content ideas, influencer selection and distribution. So it is important to make sure your influencers know exactly what is expected from them in order to successfully align them with your brand.


2)    So we shouldn’t leave it up to the influencer to come up with the creative content for our brand?

 In order to achieve a high-quality partnership with an influencer it is recommended that the brand or agency come up with an overall creative concept before approaching the talent. You can then work closely with your influencers to drive the concept home in a personal way that will have an authentic appeal to their audience.


3)    When working with influencers what platform will get my brand the most engagement?

 Integrating multiple media formats is a great way to reach as many consumers as possible and tell a much more comprehensive story. Having said this you also have to take into account who you are looking to reach. Different audiences interact with different types of content, so it’s important to research where you key consumers engage the most.

Instrumental leads the way in social talent discovery and influencer marketing. At Instrumental our TalentAI team track the most exciting new talent across all video platforms. Through a combination of technology and team expertise, we match these global influencers with brands - a process we call Brand A&R.

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