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Influencer of the Week: Alex Holmes

Influencer of the Week: Alex Holmes

Fashion, Luxury, Shopping, Hair Care, Style, YouTube, Instagram, Product Ads, Millenials, Teen Girls
25 May 2017
by Beth Pickard

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Over recent years fashion and beauty influencers conquered Instagram as the main platform for their content. Now this community has turned to an additional frontier: YouTube. The site is now inundated with shopping hauls, travel diaries, intimate day-to-day, and beauty tutorials, and has become a key source for consumers to gain inspiration and insight into key trends.

This week Instrumental caught up with Alex Holmes, who has amassed nearly 210k subscribers on her Youtube channel 'Miss Alex', which is dedicated to her passion for fashion and beauty.

Describe yourself and your channel?
I am a 19 year old business student who loves fashion and styling. My channel 'Miss Alex' is an outlet for me to share all of my favourite clothing pieces and trends with an audience who love fashion just as much as I do, as well as hair tutorials and the occasional beauty tips and tricks.

What inspired you to share your passion for fashion and beauty on YouTube? 
As a petite girl of only 4'11, I found it difficult to find and style clothing to suit my figure. I struggled to find any content on Youtube which offered advice on styling for shorter girls, as well as ‘everyday’ outfits for girls a similar age to me, so I decided to make my own.

How best do you engage with your audience? 
I use Instagram the most to engage with my audience as I can share outfit of the day images on there. I also find it an easy platform for me to respond to comments and questions directly. I always respond to as many comments on my videos and images as possible as I believe if they have taken the time to write to me, I should take the time to respond.

How have you worked with brands before? 
I have worked with brands via sponsored videos, videos for their own channels, as well as paid & gift based promotions.

How do you decide which products to endorse or promote on your channel? 
I ensure the brand collaboration is the perfect fit for my channel and audience. I only work with brands I truly love and endorse products that I would recommend to my friends and family. I believe it is important to keep the trust between myself and my audience, so I would not promote a product that I don't believe in.

What would you like to see brands do to work better with you? 
It would be great to see brands collaborate on a longer term basis. That way we can both analyse how the collaboration is working together and work on ways to improve or make it an even more successful collaboration. I think it also comes across to the audience better too as they see that I truly love the brand and it's not just a one-off sponsored post.

Where do you see yourself and your channel in 5 years?
In 5 years I would love to be continuing Youtube. If an opportunity arises for me to create content as a full time career that would definitely be a step I would be willing to take, as Youtube has already become such a huge positive part of my life so far.

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