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Targeted Marketing for Better Results

Targeted Marketing for Better Results

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17 Mar 2017
by Tess Moujaes

Instrumental finds talent that drives sales. We use our TalentAI technology to identify fast growing online creators and influencers that offer high returns to our media clients and brand partners.

Compared to traditional forms of advertising, influencer marketing provides the opportunity to reach a much more targeted audience. In fact, using influencers to promote brands leads to a customer retention rate 37% higher than if those customers explored your brand through other means. 

In order to best execute an effective influencer marketing strategy, a data-driven influencer discovery process is paramount. Through audience insights including age, gender and location, brands can partner with influencers whose fanbases are a best fit to be potential consumers. 

In light of the newfound health and fitness motivation many are feeling in the New Year, there has never been a better time for fitness brands to market their products, and at Instrumental we offer the data to ensure your campaigns reach a targeted audience of health conscious consumers.

This week we caught up with Danielle Peazer, dancer and health and fitness vlogger, to learn about how she best works with brands. For Danielle, it’s all about the right brand match.

What inspired you to start your YouTube channel? 
It seemed like a natural progression from the social media and online content I already created.  It was quite a big step for me but I'm so glad I did it.

You're obviously an incredibly talented dancer and have worked with some amazing artists, how does your YouTube channel compliment this? 
Although I haven't actually spoken about my career as a dancer yet I have worked on videos that involve elements of dancing like the videos I created for ICON UK.  I am hoping to sit down and film a video about my career as a dancer as people seem to be really interested in that part of my life.

How have you worked with brands?
I work with brands over all of my channels (blog, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube). I love creating mood boards - I create a mood board for pretty much every project I do so that myself and the brand are on the same page and everyone knows what to expect from my content and the direction I want to take the product, whatever it may be.

What can be some of the challenges with working with brands?
Working with brands was a learning process for me.  I worked with brands that didn't know what they wanted and just looked at my numbers rather than my actual audience.  I now only work with brands that I feel everyone can benefit from, mainly my own audience. 

If I don't think it will be right for them then it certainly won't be right for the brand nor myself. I am proud to work with brands and happy to disclose all of the advertising I do on social media - it makes me feel great that brands I love choose to work with me!

What would you like to see brands do to work better with you?
I would like some brands to listen a little more when I try and tell them what my audience like and want. Some brands know what works for them so they expect me to do the same thing not realising that things might work different for my audience.  It can get a little frustrating and I have declined jobs in the past due to myself and the brand not being able to agree on which direction we want to take the content.

Your YouTube content is always evolving, where do you see your channel going in 2017?
I don't have a plan for where I want my content to go other than to expand in the ideas I have and improve in quality.  The actual content will go in whichever direction my audience want it to go in,  I write down loads of ideas of videos that I want to film and then will maybe tweet or go through the comments on a video and see where they match up.  It all happens really naturally.

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