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Their Voice, Your Brand Message

Their Voice, Your Brand Message

Luxury, Shopping, Hair Care, Style, YouTube, Instagram, Magazine, Millenials
1 Feb 2017
by Tess Moujaes

Instrumental finds talent that drives sales. We use our TalentAI technology to identify fast growing online creators and influencers that offer high returns to our media clients and brand partners.

Did you know that 74% of consumers are turning to social media platforms when contemplating purchases?

With millennials spending more and more time on social media, there is an increasing importance for brands to grow their online presence in order to connect with potential consumers.

A recent study highlighted 92% of participants trusted word-of-mouth recommendations, making vloggers and online influencers the key to spreading brand messaging online in 2017.

It’s crucial for brands to work with the most influential online creators, those that boast high levels of engagement. This week Instrumental reached out to three lifestyle vloggers to find out just how they up their engagement – and it’s all about audience interaction…

Describe yourself and your channel and how you got started? 

Naomi Victoria I'm Naomi Victoria and I started my channel at the beginning of 2015 after having watched and loved YouTube for years!

I focus my content on fashion, lifestyle and beauty so it covers a lot of aspects of things I’m interested in!

Eltoria I am naturally an extremely energetic and happy person - you will always catch me with a smile on my face. I'd say that my channel is a little quirky and very energetic, I like to think that it is a place where people can just come and have fun.

I am also a Blogger, so I spent two and a half years on that before deciding to post videos on my YouTube Channel. I decided to swerve away from my Law career to pursue YouTube and Blogging because I felt like I was losing myself. YouTube and Blogging allowed me to be me, instead of feeling like I had to hold back my personality in order to be accepted in my industry. This liberation turned into my passion and I have never looked back in regret. 

How do you best engage with your audience? 

Naomi Victoria I like to ask my subscribers questions in my videos so we can get little discussions going in the comments sections and also use social media platforms such as twitter and Instagram.

Eltoria Now and again I love to host a big giveaway, but more day to day, I always like to know what my viewers want to see next so I always ask them to either drop me a comment or to message me on my social media channels. I try to reply to each and every comment, email, Snapchat that I receive, it's great that my viewers spend time to contact me so I think it's important that I also take the time out to respond (even if it does take me a while). 

Danielle Peazer I still use Twitter pretty much every day for quick chats with my followers. I also try to reply to as many comments as possible on my Instagram photos and YouTube videos.  I have experimented with opening my snapchat to receiving snaps from my followers but I didn't find it as practical as the other ways I already use to communicate.

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