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Influencer on the Rise This Week: SophDoesNails

Influencer on the Rise This Week: SophDoesNails

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13 Jan 2017
by Tess Moujaes

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Viewers increasingly tune into YouTube for the latest in beauty tips and tutorials and so the opportunity for cosmetic brands to work alongside influencers is rife.

This week at Instrumental we got in touch with beauty and style YouTuber SophDoesNails, to get her best practice tips for working with brands. With subscribers growing at a rate of 16% month-on-month, her channel is definitely one to watch this year. Here’s what she had to say:

When it comes to products you endorse or promote, how do you choose what’s right for your channel?
Because my channel is based around fashion, beauty, and makeup, I tend to stick to products that fit with that theme. I only promote products that I believe in and would use myself, and products I think my followers would enjoy! If I wouldn't use it, I won't promote it.

How have you worked with brands or causes?
Lots of brands I work with very kindly send me products or new releases with no obligation to include them in a video- so I can test them out, and if I like them then I will include them in tutorials or favourites videos. Other brands will ask you to include their product in a video such as a haul or favourites. I have done a few dedicated videos for brands too if I really believe in the brand and their products.

What kind of collaborations with brands work best for you?
My favourite kind of collaborations are when brands allow you to have your own creative input while still giving you rough guidelines of what to include. That way you can put your own twist on the video without sounding forced or scripted. Allowing me to include the products in my own way makes me feel a lot more comfortable and it comes across so much more naturally than trying to stick to a script!

What can the challenges be when working with brands?
I always want to try and make sure the video is as perfect as it can be, as I don't want to let them down, which can be quite a lot of pressure. It's more stressful than recording a normal video, as you are producing it for someone else! Also having to get the video approved- it can be a bit disheartening when brands want you to change something in a video that you have spent so long filming and editing, but obviously it's understandable!

How do you best engage with your audience?
I make sure I spend time after every video to reply to as many comments as I can and answer people's questions. I also love talking to people on Twitter and generally showing my audience that I really appreciate their support! I think engagement is so important when trying to grow your channel, and taking time to thank the people that support you.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Who knows! Hopefully still making videos, but the internet and social media changes so much every day, I can't tell you what the future will bring!

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