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Influencer of the Month - November Gifting

Influencer of the Month - November Gifting

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2 Dec 2016
by Tess Moujaes

Instrumental finds talent that drives sales. We use our TalentAI technology to identify fast growing online creators and influencers that offer high returns to our media clients and brand partners.

With December comes the rush to purchase Christmas presents for loved ones, making it the opportune time for brands to look for the most engaging ways to reach new consumers. With online content creators uploading festive content including product reviews and recommendations, people are looking to these influencers as a trusted community of opinion-formers to help with gift ideas. Working with these influencers can help propel brands' offerings in the run-up to Christmas, making them an invaluable resource to brands.

This month we teamed up with PR Week to publish our 'Top Ten' list of fast-growing creators with a track record of advising their audience on festive gifts. Spanning a range of categories from baking and beauty to tech, each channel has under 300,000 subscribers and has demonstrated high subscriber % growth and audience engagement. Utilising these influencers can therefore lead to greater return on investment. 

This month at Instrumental we selected YouTuber Benjaminoftomes as our Influencer of the Month. Benjamin has secured his place as a Christmas advisory with his recent 'Winter Wonderland' video which features seasonal book recommendations. We reached out to Benjamin to get his insights into what brands can do to work best with influencers such as himself. Here's what he had to say:

Describe yourself, your channel and how you got started
I have always wanted to join the Youtube community. It was clear from a young age that this platform was progressive and I knew I wanted to be apart of something so big. When I found my love for reading, I decided to join and share that love and passion with the internet in video formate. I started by reading books I was recommended by friends and family and started sharing my thoughts on them, and discovering more books. I describe myself as a energetic power reading Brit who loves nothing more then curling up with a book no matter the weather.

How many books do you usually read per week? How do you choose your next book? 
I normally read between 2 and 3 books a week. I like to mix and match the books I read. So I will normally read one indie published novel and follow it up with a main steam 'popular' novel. That is normally my only system I have when deciding what to read. My To Be Read shelf is so big, I don't have much time to waste so I normally pick a random one of my shelf and just start reading. I love the surprise of picking up a book and jumping into it without reading the blurb or reviews. 

How do you measure the success of your content? 
When I first joined Youtube nearly four years ago I was keen to gain 'loads of followers', but now it has changed for me. I just enjoyed creating the content. I suppose seeing the comments on my videos and noticing with video has more comments helps me determine the 'success' through engagement.

How have you worked with brands or causes?
I have worked with brands by collaboration. If a brand would like me to feature them in a video I must first make sure it is something that I generally would like to talk about. And second, I like to have a say on 'how' I create the video. As I know my followers and what makes them click on a video and engage, I want to ensure my channel is still authentic with me making the final decision on what videos go live.

I really love working with indie authors. I love using my platform to support lesser known authors who are not published by the Big 5. I enjoy spreading positivity in that community by supporting and encouraging a Indie authors platform and readership. That is my favourite aspect about what I do.

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