16 Jun 2020

Instrumental’s Country & Folk Hot Streak Chart

For this week’s chart, we’re taking you home, to a place where you belong – you guessed it, the theme is country & folk, and the temperature is ‘hot’.

Our Hot Score is a real time measure of an artist's commercial momentum, taking into account streams, follower growth, shares, playlist adds and engagements.

Artists are either hot or not each day and the biggest and the brightest stars on the planet are those that can sustain their ‘hotness’ for long periods - what we call Hot Streaks. 

1. Avenue Beat: 61 day Hot Streak

Gen Z trio, Avenue Beat, first caught our eye in August last year. Describing their own sound as a bright, brash blend of ‘Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish’, it’s clear the band are trend-aware - their latest album, for example, is titled ‘the quarantine covers’. Across social media, they are quickly growing in influence with 14k Instagram followers and 5k Youtube subscribers, who are treated to music videos and vlogs on a bi-monthly basis.

2. Alissa Griffith: 39 day Hot Streak

Californian prodigy, Alissa Griffith, takes influence from the likes of Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty to bridge the gap between Country and pop. In the past month, her Spotify follower count has doubled and her latest single set personal records after attracting 277k playlist followers via Spotify’s ‘Wild Country’ and ‘Next From Nashville’.

3. Noah Schnacky: 30 day Hot Streak

In 2018, singer/songwriter Noah Schnacky went ‘hot’ for the first time and the Country world was left swooning over his debut single, ‘Hello Beautiful’ and follow-up hit, ‘Maybe We Will’. After a lengthy hiatus, Schnacky has re-emerged in time for 2020 with a new (aptly named) EP, ‘Comeback’. The young Tennessean averages 15 million streams per track and currently sits at 785k Instagram followers.

4. Unknown Neighbour: 29 day Hot Streak 

Sascha Zemke’s folk brainchild ‘Unknown Neighbour’ is a fast-growing, 2016-resurgent addition to this week’s chart. His artist follower count has shot up by over 850% since March, following the release of two new singles and his recent music video for ‘Home’ is trending on Youtube at 28k views.

5. Orlando Weeks: 17 day Hot Streak

2017 was the last year as a band for indie headliners, The Maccabees, but the first year as a solo act for their frontman, Orlando Weeks. He’s reinvented himself within the ambient folk genre, entering the A-list on BBC Radio 6 and collecting 1.7 million playlist followers on Spotify. He’s also shown strong activity on Youtube, releasing 7 music videos in just 4 weeks and partnering each track to a unique art graphic.

6. Jack Curley: 16 day Hot Streak

If emotional indie folk is your jam, spread a little of Jack Curley – he’s just released a new EP, ‘Tomorrow’ and it’s already picked up 14 million streams. In just the last seven days, his follower count rose by over 16% and, after appearing on Spotify’s ‘sommergefühle’ (summer feeling) playlist, the Mancunian is now trending across Germany and Austria. 

7. Jacob Bryant: 16 day Hot Streak

In at seven is Jacob Bryant, who draws upon a diet of bluegrass and southern rock to bring his 305k monthly listeners a self-styled brand of country music with a ‘kick’. He’s been playing for over 6 years and already has a full studio album but went ‘hot’ again recently with the release of new single, ‘Can’t Say No to You’ - his second since the start of 2020.

 8. Restless Road: 12 day Hot Streak

Restless Road are best known for appearing on The X Factor in 2013 where they gained fame across the US. Now, after years of song writing, the trio are signed to Kane Brown’s label and have exploded onto the Country scene with appearances on the Today Show and a debut EP of the same name, ‘Restless Road’. Their cover of ‘Someone You Loved’ from two months ago has already picked up 119k views.

 9. Spencer Crandall: 11 day Hot Streak

Spencer first went ‘hot’ on our platform back in November, 2019. He’s appeared on 17 playlists throughout his career, 5 of which he entered in June, increasing his artist follower count to 28k and his playlist follower count to over 2 million. This recent success is largely owed to a popular new album, ‘More’ and a healthy digital fanbase of over 2 million on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and TikTok.

 10. St Lundi: 8 day Hot Streak

English newcomer, Archie Langley or ‘St Lundi’, has only three studio-released tracks to his name but one of these is a 2.7 million streams collaboration with world-famous DJ, Kygo. After such a strong start, it should come as no surprise that Langley is now averaging over 960k monthly listeners and trending across his co-collaborator’s native Scandinavia, with 20k listeners in Oslo and 16k in Stockholm.

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