11 Jun 2020

Instrumental’s Australasian and South African Hot Streak Chart

For this week’s Hot Streak Chart, we’re heading to the southern hemisphere in search of new, Trans-Pacific musical talent. These 10 artists, whilst separated by oceans, are united in ‘hotness’ - having shown strong commercial potential through streams, followers, shares, playlist adds and engagements.

Our Hot Score is a real time measure of an artist's commercial momentum. Artists are either hot or not each day and the biggest and the brightest stars on the planet are those that can sustain their ‘hotness’ for long periods - what we call Hot Streaks.

1. DJ Discretion: - Aussie Hip Hop - 88 day Hot Streak

Rapper, producer and proud Polynesian, DJ Discretion, first appeared on our radar back in March, shortly after the release of his debut single ‘Lifestyle (ft. Youngn Lipz & Hooligan Hefs). Today, that single stands at over 3 million streams across Youtube and Spotify, and has bolstered the producer’s Instagram to 25k followers.

2. Day1: - Aussie Drill -  44 day Hot Streak

Brisbane drill rapper, Day1, cruises into second with smooth vocals, polished music videos and a TikTok-ready snare beat. He’s already passed the 100k ‘like’ mark on the popular app and has around 30k followers on Instagram with less than a year of posting. Most impressive, however, are his streaming stats – he’s had over 10 million streams across platforms for only his top two tracks and has gathered 400k monthly listeners on Spotify.

3. Taya: - Christian Pop - 39 day Hot Streak

Christian pop phenomenon, Hillsong United, first helped popularise the crystal clean vocals of Taya Smith. Originally from Lismore, in nothereastern New South Wales, she’s since moved south to Sydney to lend her voice to musical worship. Her latest single, ‘Another In the Fire’ shot up to 2 million cross-platform streams shortly after we found her ‘hot’ at the start of May.

4. Jawsh 685: - Ruselater - 39 day Hot Streak

17-year-old Kiwi producer, Jawsh 685, is the sole creator of Polynesian Siren track ‘Laxed’. In just a few short months, his island anthem has seen over 45 million uses on TikTok and became the subject of controversy when Jason Derulo sampled it for his upcoming single ‘Savage Love’. It worked out well in the end for Jawsh, as he’s since signed a record deal with Columbia and has reached 50+ million streams across platforms.

5. Blue Boy: - Aussie Drill - 20 day Hot Streak

Australian R&B singer/rapper, Blue Boy, went ‘hot’ in May a few days after the release of his second single ‘Grateful’. That same single has seen double the stats of his debut with 400k+ streams on Youtube and Spotify. The 21-year-old draws on personal grief for his lyrics but combines these with an upbeat pop beat and guitar riffs. His message has resonated with over 10k Instagram followers and 62,000 monthly Spotify listeners.

6. Sophiegrophy: - New Wave Hip Hop -  15 day Hot Streak

Nigerian born, New Zealand raised and Australian based artist, Sophiegrophy, is blowing open the rap game with fierce 16 bars and Afrobeat hooks. We first found her ‘hot’ way back in March, 2018 – since then, she’s amassed 73,000 monthly listeners and over 100,000 streams on four of her tracks, picking up fans all over Australia and in Auckland, New Zealand. Her latest EP, ‘BOLD’ released in May this year.

 7. Elaine:  - R&B - 13 day Hot Streak

Our first South African is R&B, trap and soul singer, Elaine. At only 20 years of age, she’s already released a full studio album and two singles. We first discovered Elaine back in 2019, before the release of her most popular hit ‘You’re the One’, which now sits at 3 million streams across Youtube and Spotify. She’s also struck a chord on social media, with a massive 170k Instagram followers and 41k Twitter followers.

8. Miiesha- Aussie R&B - 11 day Hot Streak 

Singer and Torres Strait Islander, Miiesha, enters 2020 with some political relevance. Her striking R&B satire, ‘Black Privilege’ is currently her most popular track with over 270k streams and her latest album ‘Nyaaringu’ (released this year) follows similar political themes. She also uses her Instagram to speak out on discrimination, with a series of audio posts.

9. Masi Rooc- Aussie Hip Hop - 6 day Hot Streak 

Back in February, we found Masi Rooc ‘hot’ – just in time for his latest single ‘Setbacks’ to drop. The Aussie rapper has built his name through strong collaborations with fellow artists and producers – three collaborative hits include, ‘WHO’S REAL?’, ‘STNDRD’ and ‘F.A.M.E.’ which have accumulated over 10 million streams across Spotify and Youtube.

10. Mas Musiq- Afrobeat/House - 4 day Hot Streak 

Mas Musiq’s 43k Instagram followers now know what we did back in April – he’s ‘hot’ stuff. With just one album to his name (released in April), the DJ’s already shot up into the high numbers with over 1 million streams on Youtube in only a few months. His blend of Afrobeats and House is proving a hit on live streams, with his latest set scoring 95k views.

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