3 Jun 2020

Instrumental’s Asian Hot Streak Chart

Instrumental's propietary Hot Score is a real time measure of an artist's commercial momentum, capturing data from a wide range of sources covering streams, followers, shares, playlist adds and engagement.

On our platform artists are either hot or not each day and the biggest and the brightest stars on the planet are those that can sustain their ‘hotness’ for long periods - what we call Hot Streaks.

For this week’s Hot Streak Chart, we’re dusting off our passports, drawing up our parasols and heading East to find you 10 ‘hot’ Asian artists who have proven their commercial potential through streams, followers, shares, playlist adds and engagements.

1. Soulstice: 99 day Hot Streak

Philippine rappers Mscript, Rownmee G and Seth joined forces at the beginning of 2020 to form Pinoy hip hop group, Soulstice. Their rise to national stardom could only be described as meteoric, with debut single ‘Ivana’ storming Spotify’s viral 50 chart immediately after its release and still growing in popularity with 38+ million streams across platforms.

2. Mirrr: 99 day Hot Streak

Thai pop duo, Mirrr, upgraded from bar gigs at Chiang Mai university to festival stages across the country after synth scape hit, 'Your Rules' went viral on Youtube to the tune of 15 million views. This initial success was no apparition - they’ve since delighted Thai radios with a twice-as-viral pop ballad, ‘Nicotine', racking up 30 million new streams across platforms.

We first recognised Mirrr as ‘hot’ back in February. Since then, they’ve toured Thailand and quadrupled their follower count.

3. Lee Dae-hwi: 99 day Hot Streak 

Youngster, Lee Dae-hwi, has capitulated on his boy band status, reality tv fame and excellent hair to emerge as one of the more exciting K-pop solo acts of 2020. His debut single ‘Candle’ shot into the Gaon Music Chart’s top 60 and a year later he’s built a following of 300k+ insta followers and 250k+ monthly listeners on Spotify.

Since we first noticed Lee in February, he’s turned 6k followers into 26k and he was ‘hot’ over a week before his latest band EP ‘5NALLY’ went live, bolstering his numbers.

4. YUKI: 99 day Hot Streak

In the world of J-pop, fashionista, radio personality and pop singer, YUKI, occupies centre-stage with the release of collaborative album, ‘echo’. She currently plays to 45,000 followers on Spotify, and enjoys success outside of her studio albums as a vocalist on the soundtrack of hit anime series, ‘3-gatsu no Lion’.

We picked up on YUKI at the start of her Spotify ascension, in February, with just over 3,000 followers. That number has since grown by over 1200% and continues to rise daily.

5. ALLY: 97 day Hot Streak 

Achariya (Ally) Nitibhon was born into fame as the daughter of two famous Thai actors but, aged just 15, she’s already carving a name of her own. Her debut single, ‘How to Love’ hit radios earlier this year and has amassed 32 million combined streams. And with almost 500k Instagram followers, she won’t be lacking for exposure.

We predicted ALLY ‘hot’ way back in February with just over 1,000 followers. Given the success of her initial single, who knows how astute that prediction could prove in a few years.

 6. Tilly Birds: 92 day Hot Streak

On the 1st of March this year, Thai Brit-rock band ‘Tilly Birds’ caught our eye – going ‘hot’ after appearances on a noteworthy Spotify playlist. Then, later in the month, the band released ‘Same Page’, an unforeseen megahit, which has since accumulated 33 million combined streams at only three months of age. The band is currently sitting comfortable at 68k Youtube subscribers and 470k monthly listeners on Spotify.

7. Günay Aksoy: 88 day Hot Streak

Newcomer Günay Aksoy occupies the niche genre of Turkish trap pop, combining heart-felt vocals with a mellow snare beat. She’s been seen as something of an overnight success – with her London-set music video for ‘Her Yer Karanl?k’ amassing over 47 million views on Youtube since its release in January.

8. Tiara Andini:  87 day Hot Streak

Tiara Andini was a runner-up on popular Indonesian talent show, ‘Indonesian Idol’. It’s not always clear what lies in store for talent show musicians but Andini has shown a promising start with her debut single, ‘Gemintang Hatiku’ pulling in just under 8 million streams across platforms. She’s also grown from 3 to 36,000+ Spotify followers since first going ‘hot’ in March – not bad for a few months’ work.

9. Putih Abu Abu: 78 day Hot Streak

 Indonesian student/teacher initiative, Putih Abu Abu, or ‘White Gray’ (named after the colours of the traditional hijab) was established to encourage educational and religious-themed creativity. We’ve followed their progress since mid-March and watched as their playlist followers have multiplied from 0 to 370,000+. Currently they have over 3 million Youtube subscribers and 65 million views on their most popular video.

10. DEMIAN: 73 day Hot Streak

Fresh onto the K-pop scene is singer songwriter DEMIAN. His debut single dropped on March 11th a few days before he went ‘hot’ on our radar. This early track showcases strong vocals, clean production and has resonated with 500k+ Youtube viewers and 1.7 million Spotify listeners, thereby boosting DEMIAN’s popularity by 10,000 artist and 2.5 million playlist followers since his ‘hotness’ began.

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