27 May 2020

Instrumental’s European Hot Streak Chart

In Europe, the musical landscape is as diverse as the weather – and you’re just as likely to stumble upon an ice-cold German trap bassline as you are a blazing-hot Catalan pop beat. For this week’s hot streak chart, we’re covering it all. Our selected independent artists are surging in streams, followers, shares, playlist adds and engagements, proving they have huge commercial appeal across the continent.

It’s a binary thing - on our platform artists are either hot or not each day and the biggest and the brightest stars on the planet are those that can sustain their ‘hotness’ for long periods - what we call Hot Streaks.

FOURTY: 93 day Hot Streak

German hip hop maestro FOURTY first tasted success with the release of his debut single ‘Aperitif’ in 2019. Since then, he’s only grown in popularity and his 2020 foray into garage-rap ‘WEISSER RAUCH’ fetched an ear-watering 11 million streams on Spotify in just 3 months.

CÉLINE: 93 day Hot Streak

Level-pegging with FOURTY, from the city of Paderborn, another German rapper, CÉLINE, stays hot after her second single ‘Tränen aus Kajal’ rose to number 17 in the German charts, accumulating 14+ million streams on Spotify. Her powerful vocals and pulsating basslines have attracted over 30 million streams in just three releases.

june: 72 day Hot Streak

Childhood friends and fellow songwriters Lau, Celine and Jeppe form the three-corners of Danish pop triangle, june. The band are digital-only both in sound and appearance and this novel approach has helped them to over 2 million streams on Spotify and over 7 million on Youtube.

Marc Seguí: 66 day Hot Streak

Mallorca-native Marc Seguí has built his signature sound using a blend of pop, lofi and RnB. At just 22 years-old, he’s already showing efficient output with nine singles released since 2019 - one of which, ‘No queda na’, enjoyed over 2 million views across platforms.

Yaeow: 64 day Hot Streak

UK north-west producer and singer Yaeow would like you to know that he’s “5’8 tall, good at sports (until he tore his ACL) and that he changes his hairstyle every half-year”. We would like you to know that he has over 1.4 million monthly listeners, 6+ total Spotify streams and is a regular on one of YouTube’s leading lofi channels, ‘the bootleg boy’.

Yaeow recently featured in our Hottest Independent Artists in the World series here.

Mondo Loops: 63 day Hot Streak

As the name suggests, Mondo Loops is a beat maker and producer. He takes a wide range of influences, from hip hop to neo jazz, and infuses them into a mellow lofi sound. His track ‘Lunar Drive’ has appeared in numerous viral playlists including the famous ‘1Am. Study Session’ by ChilledCow (5+ million YouTube subscribers) and his debut album hit Spotify earlier this year.

Emma Peters: 63 day Hot Streak

Emma Peters’ music explores a range of genres and tempos but at the heart of every song is an intimate French vocal. She first caught the ear of listeners when she appeared on Russian-produced ‘Clandestina’, hitting 13 million views on YouTube and her debut album, released this year, keeps the streak burning hot.

Beny Jr: 63 day Hot Streak

Self-releasing trap star Beny Jr comes fresh out of the Catalonia region with a sub-shaking bass run and a headline track about motorbikes. ‘Kawasaki’ has over 3 million online streams since its release in March and his YouTube channel boasts 10+ million views in just over a year.

Rote Mütze Raphi: 59 day Hot Streak

A unique sound emerges from an unexpected location with Koblenz-based, half-Brazilian rap artist Rote Mütze Raphi, or ‘Raphi’. Her debut single ‘C’est la Vie’ opened to huge applause on both Spotify and Youtube, reaching over 3 million streams in total and her authentic, down-to-earth approach is helping her to quickly develop subscribers.

Oxlade: 58 day Hot Streak

From the streets of Lagos to the stages of London, Nigerian pop artist Oxlade has enjoyed a globe-trotting musical journey with only positive destinations in sight. Amongst his key releases are ‘Away’ and ‘Shugar’, colourful, uplifting Afrobeat tunes with a mainstream appeal. He recently performed during the ‘City of David’ concert at the O2.

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