20 May 2020

Instrumental’s North American Hot Streak Chart

For this week’s Hot Streak Chart, we’re riding the radio waves to North America – where the emergence of drill, synthwave and country-trap (more on that one later) are shaking the continent’s musical foundations at a laid-back 70 BPM.

From the pines of Vancouver, to the plains of Kentucky, these 10 artists push genres to their limits and build followers, streams, shares, playlist adds and engagements in the process.

1. Sleepy Hallow: 98 day Hot Streak

Brooklyn drill is big right now, largely thanks to norm-busting rappers like Sleepy Hallow and his close collaborator, Sheff G. In 2019, the NY linguist launched his debut EP ‘Don’t Sleep’, produced by Great John and spanning 14 tracks, but his first big hit came in the form of TikTok-famous single, ‘Deep End Freestyle’, which has accumulated a stunning 30+ million Spotify and Youtube streams since its release in April.

2. Rubi Rose: 96 day Hot Streak

Rubi Rose has the style, stats and unapologetic sass of an A-list trap queen. With 25 million Youtube and Spotify streams, a deal with L.A. Reid’s Hitco Entertainment, and over 1.2 million Instagram followers, the pieces are in place for the Kentucky native to go nuclear.

 3. Fivio Foreign: 90 day Hot Streak

New York drill rapper Fivio Foreign was recently quoted as saying, “if it ain’t viral, it ain’t about nothing.” Luckily, the Flatbush prodigy has racked up over 10 million views on Youtube in just the last month and his breakout hit ‘Big Drip’ sits at a virological 50 million streams across platforms - proof he’s about something.

4. Powfu: 88 day Hot Streak

Canadian rapper/songwriter Powfu navigates the streams of Soundcloud, TikTok, Tidal and Youtube with all the guile of an expert musical rafter. And, on Spotify, he has accumulated a mind-blowing 29+ million monthly listeners. All this made possible by his viral 2020 lo-fi hit ‘Death Bed’ ft. beabadoobee, which sits at 400+ million overall streams.

5. Rileyy Lanez: 87 day Hot Streak

19-year-old singer-songwriter Rileyy Lanez brings a fresh and delicate touch to the new-wave RnB scene, citing influences from Alicia Keys, Lauren Hill and XXXTentacion. Her breakout single ‘I’m Leaving’ resonated with younger audiences online and sits at 8+ million Youtube views, helping her to score a deal with Columbia Records.

6. Breland: 86 day Hot Streak

New Jersey’s Breland or the “Pen Point Guard” is a unique presence on this week’s hot streak chart. His smash-hit ‘My Truck’ is best defined as country-trap (seriously) but he also draws from a comprehensive knowledge of gospel, R&B and Hip-Hop. His tongue-in-cheek approach immediately caught the eyes and ears of TikTok users and the music video has subsequently enjoyed 14+ million views on Youtube.

7. Giveon: 86 day Hot Streak

Giveon first found popular appeal after appearing on a Drake track, ‘Chicago Freestyle’, but recent solo outings are showing that the Long Beach R&B vocalist has star qualities of his own. His all-capitalised debut EP ‘TAKE TIME’ features a stripped-back sound, showcasing his rich baritone and is currently gaining traction online, with 11+ million album track streams on Spotify.

8. 2KBABY: 86 day Hot Streak

Riding up on the Vaporwave movement is rapper/producer 2KBABY. He’s experienced a steady ascent to hip hop notoriety after appearing on SayCheeseTV and providing features for WorldStarHipHop. His top track is ‘Old Streets’, originally a freestyle and now a 13 million-viewed, studio-produced adage to his Louisville upbringing.

9. Surf Mesa: 82 day Hot Streak

When 20-year-old West Coast producer Surf Mesa isn’t skating the streets of LA, he’s designing the next unstoppable, viral house hit. His synthwave version of Frankie Vallie’s ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ has a jaw-dropping 100+ million streams across platforms and recently earned the young maestro a record deal with Astralwerks.

 10. DripReport: 82 day Hot Streak

Content creator and producer DripReport draws on his South Asian roots to create part-hilarious, part-addictive culture and genre-transcendent music that you won’t know whether to laugh or dance to. His most popular track ‘Skechers’ is in the running for most popular song ever about shoes and sits at 180+ million streams across Youtube and Spotify.

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