11 May 2020

Instrumental’s LATAM Hot Streak Chart

For this week’s Hot Streak Chart, we’re exploring the scintillating ‘ecena musical’ of Latin America – a region ablaze with colourful, eclectic and ever-changing musical trends across the genres of corrido, forró, funk and sertanejo pop (amongst others).

We’ve calculated streams, followers, shares, playlist adds and engagements, to bring you the top ten artists who, according to our data, are currently on fire.

1. MC Paulin da Capital: 192 day Hot Streak

Rapper and funkeiro, MC Paulin de Capital, has enjoyed a spectacular rise to stardom since first emerging from the east side of São Paulo in 2017. He’s found a healthy following on Youtube, with five videos at over 10 million views in just the past year, the most popular of which is his latest hit, ‘Eu Achei’ - reaching 19 million views and helping him to 287 ‘hot days’ on our database.

2. Junior H: 136 day Hot Streak

Guanajuato-born, Junior H (real name, Antonio Herrera Perez), is a rising talent in the urban corrido movement. His early success came with hit album track, 'No Eh Cambiado' (I Haven’t Changed), reaching two million views on Youtube in under two months. Now, at just 18 years-old, he has refined a heartfelt, acoustic-based corrido sound, typified by his latest hit ‘Mente Positiva’ – which reached 1.8 million views online in less than a month.

3. Os Barões Da Pisadinha: 127 day Hot Streak

In September 2019, Brazilian footballer and worldwide superstar Neymar Jr uploaded a video of himself dancing to a forró track on Instagram. The name of the track was ‘Tá Rocheda’ by Brazilian duo Os Barões Da Pisadinha (The Barons of Pisadinha) and the video helped solidify the band’s meteoric rise to mainstream popularity. In 2019 alone, the barons released four studio albums and their original hit ‘Tá Rocheda’ currently sits at 114 million views on Youtube.

4. MC Dricka: 111 day Hot Streak

21-year-old MC Dricka or “rainha dos fluxos” (queen of flows) first shook the favelas of São Paulo with her funk carioca hit, ‘Empurra Empurra’. She has since found national stardom with 100+ million views on Youtube and collaborations with fellow female producer ‘DJ Ray Lais’ and popular singer songwriter ‘Dadá Boladão’.

5. Dj Dollynho Da Lapa: 103 day Hot Streak

As a young signing for rap-focused Medellin Records, DJ Dollynho Da Lapa was quickly initiated into Rio de Janeiro’s urban music culture. His breakout hit ‘Surtada – versão funk’ sits at 16 million streams on Spotify and he has shown an impressive work ethic with eight singles already released in 2020. For his hard work, he’s tallied up a scorching 207 hot days overall on our database.

6. Guilherme & Benuto: 89 day Hot Streak

Family duo Guilherme and Haroldo (aka, Benuto Artioli) walked an unconventional path to pop stardom, having come from backgrounds in classical music - Guilherme started off on the accordion and Benuto played in orchestras. Today, their focus is on creating crowd-pleasing música sertaneja and this is reflected in their streaming figures – with top two tracks ‘Flor Que Se Cheira’ and ‘3 Batidas’ tallying up a combined 310 million streams on Youtube and Spotify.

7. Los Dos Carnales: 89 day Hot Streak

With accordions, matching sombrero veracruz and songs about moral justice, the brotherly Los Dos Carnales perfectly embody the modern corrido archetype. Their musical journey began from playing on the backs of trucks, they’ve since played to sell-out crowds across Mexico and steadily built-up streaming figures online – their most popular video ‘Vida Ventajosa’ has 20 million Youtube hits.

8. Ícaro e Gilmar: 84 day Hot Streak

Hailing from Periquito in Southeast Brazil, this sertaneja duo have blazed a trail across Brazil and online channels. Their live performance of ‘Despedida’ has 15 million views on Youtube, their Spotify uploads receive close to 400,000 monthly listens and their 100k Instagram follower count only looks to be growing.

9. JuanFran: 78 day Hot Streak

In the spring of 2019, JuanFran’s romantic smash hit ‘Mi Morena’ went viral, trending at 1 on Tik Tok and whipping up a storm to the tune of 21 million views on Spotify and 15 million views on Youtube. Not bad for a 15-year-old. Since its release, the Canary Islands youngster has found listeners across the ocean, including in Chile, Colombia, Peru, Argentina and Ecuador.

10. MC Ingryd: 77 day Hot Streak

MC Ingryd joins the list as our second female funkeiro. Her 2019 hit ‘Vem Me Satisfazer’ worked up 58 and 48 million streams on Spotify and Youtube respectively, firing her into a position of Hip Hop notoriety and helping her to accumulate a whopping 3+ million monthly listeners on Spotify.

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