6 Apr 2020

Instrumental’s New Hot Streak Chart

Our brilliant data science team has spent the past two years developing our proprietary hot score - a real time measure of an artist's commercial momentum, capturing data from a wide range of sources covering streams, followers, shares, playlist adds and engagement.

It’s a binary thing - on our platform artists are either hot or not each day and the biggest and the brightest stars on the planet are those that can sustain their ‘hotness’ for long periods - what we call Hot Streaks.

Every month we will be reporting on those Streaks with our new Top 10s - taking it in turns to look at the North American, LATAM, UK/Europe and ROW scenes.

This week, our first week, as a special kick off, we’re doing a worldwide chart, so scroll down to read more on the hottest acts in the world right now (according to us!):

1. Tones and I 264 day Hot Streak

It will surprise few to see incredible Australian Indie newcomer Tones and I at the top of our list. Although her Hot Streak has been running for less than a year, she’s been flagged as hot on our platform for a total of 375 days, the first time being on 10th March 2019, when she had just 957 followers on Spotify. Her first single, the worldwide smash “Dance Monkey” had been out for a week. It’s now sitting quite comfortably on 1.3 billion plays.

2. BENEE 224 day Hot Streak

Continuing the Antipodean heat is New Zealand born Singer-Songwriter Stella Rose Bennett, aka BENEE won 4 New Zealand Music Awards, namely Single of The Year, Best Solo Artist, Best Breakthrough Artist and Best Pop Artist in 2019. Her tracks “Supalonely”, “Glitter” and “Soaked” have amassed almost 165 million Spotify plays between them.

3. Zom Marie 222 day Hot Streak 

Thai Singer and Actor Marie Eugenie Le Lay aka Zom Marie is one of the most popular acts in Thailand. Stand out tracks include her 2019 release “Just Let Me Go” featuring Thai rap sensation Lazyloxy and “Up Above” featuring Oat Pramote.

4. Pop Smoke 219 day Hot Streak

West Coast based Rapper Pop Smoke had already been on a 6 month Hot Streak before he was tragically killed in a home invasion in February. Check out "Welcome To The Party" from July 2019, which was later released as two very tast remixes; this one featuring Skepta and this one with Nicki Minaj.

5. Asees Kaur 213 day Hot Streak

Bollywood star and former Indian Idol contestant Asees Kaur occupies our number 5 spot. Her Hot Streak started back at the beginning of July 2019, with stand out tracks “Makhna” and “Ve Maahi” both sitting on more than 20 million streams apiece.

6. Morad 211 day Hot Streak

Emerging Spanish Trap artist Morad has shown a lot of promise since the start of his Hot Streak almost 7 months ago. Originally from Morocco, He raps in both Spanish and French and his stand out track “A Escondidas” has had almost 26 million plays on Spotify at the time of writing. Check out his latest release “Que Pasó”, which also features Delarue and El Greco.

7. MC Du Black 177 day Hot Streak

Funk artist MC Du Black is massive in his native Brazil thanks to his huge hit “Gaiola é o troco”. He occupies the number 7 spot in this week’s global top 10 Hottest Artists in the World, but  where will he feature in our LATAM chart in the coming weeks?

8. 24kGoldn 143 day Hot Streak

American Rapper and Singer 24kGoldn is in our no. 8 spot on this list. His smash “Valentino” has had over 100 million plays on Spotify. He’s also got almost 150k followers, so his Hot Streak is sure to continue for the foreseeable future.

9. Magnus Haven 142 day Hot Streak

Filipino 5 piece Alternative Rock here. With extensive TV and Radio coverage all over The Philippines and some incredible tracks such as “Imahe” (currently sitting on 40m Spotify plays and counting) and “Panalangin” This is not the last we’ll be seeing of Magnus Haven in our Hot Lists.

10. Sub Urban 140 day Hot Streak

Rounding off this week’s chart is whimsical Singer and Producer Sub Urban, who made some huge waves with “Cradles” recently, reaching No.1 on Billboard’s Alternative Songs airplay chart, amassing almost 150 million Spotify plays along the way. Even before smashing the charts, Sub Urban had already been on a 4-month Hot Streak on our platform.

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