27 Nov 2018

Essential New Music: WYNNE, DYLN, Eliza Shaddad

Check out this week's Essential New Music, as selected by the Instrumental music scouting platform.

Our A&R scouting platform tracks over 460,000 artists and 5 million tracks on Spotify, highlighting artist momentum through dynamic audience reach data. We've picked our favourites from this week's fast-risers.


From the West Coast of the United States, Grammy-nominated WYNNE has already established a name for himself.

Both a composer and producer, he has had tracks of his released by ODESZA and Two Door Cinema Club, on labels including RCA and Island Records. Already appearing before sell-out crowds, WYNNE is attracting a significant following and his latest single fuels that buzz.

On “Come Alive”, atmospheric ghost-like soundscape and whirling textures abound, the slow tempo and unfurling layers make for an equally absorbing listen. The chorus breaks out with an almost anthem-like euphoria and lifts the opening darkness.

With features on Spotify's Chill Tracks, among 51 influential Spotify playlists, WYNNE has picked up over 7.4 million playlist followers week (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).


Fiercely independent female songstress Stef Lang, better know as DYLN, has dropped her latest EP, 'Chapter 1: The Truth'. "Without You", the standout track on the release yields an alt-pop style and candid songwriting style that dwells on the deep setbacks of life.

Canadian born and bred, Lang's home guitar lessons and interest in poetry were the childhood catalysts that set her eyes on a career in music. Swapping the artful spaces of Vancouver Island for the entertainment economy of Los Angeles, the 29-year-old built up an artistic catalogue stateside, as a singer, songwriter and producer.

Hammering home the sonically synonymous style of DYLN's music, "Without You' bridges the genre gap once again. Amalgamating a contemporary R&B production value, with bright layering beats antagonistic to the poignant piano melodies, DYLN mulls over a sense of self-seasoned sadness and a newfangled ability to stand on her own two feet. Picking up features on 'Just Vibing' and 'It's A Bop', among 3 influential playlists, DYLN has picked up over 90,000 playlist followers this week (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

3. Eliza Shaddad

“Just Goes To Show” reveals itself as a bona fide hit amidst a deeply emotional and introspective debut album, from the up-and-coming soloist Eliza Shaddad. Having attracted plenty of admiring glances following her debut and sophomore EP’s, Eliza Shaddad shines with startling maturity on her first full-length feature.

With family links to both Sudan and Scotland, it is perhaps no surprise to hear such a range of sounds in her music. “Just Goes To Show” delves into the heady shoegaze days of the late 1980’s/early 1990’s with it’s drawn out, echoing guitar riffs.

With support from Feelgood Indie and Ultimate Indie among 14 other influential playlists, Eliza Shaddad currently has over 3.8 million playlist followers. The success of Just Goes To Show becomes ever clearer, accounting for 3.6 million of her playlist features (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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