8 Oct 2018

The Instrumental Hot List #001

Check out the Instrumental Hot List to meet this week’s must-know artists.

Our A&R scouting platform tracks over 440,000 artists and 4,900,000 tracks on Spotify, highlighting artist momentum through dynamic audience reach data. But we wanted to make the process of unearthing the fastest growing music talent even easier. So we developed our own score which highlights the artists with exceptionally high growth rates across all of the metrics we track. We call it, The Hot Score.

How does it work?

The Hot Score ingests all of the metrics we are tracking on a daily basis, including playlist follower growth, artist follower growth and the Spotify Score and combines it with our secret algorithm. You can identify these Hot Artists on our platform every day, by the fire emoji which sits next to an artist name.

So who’s on this week’s Instrumental Hot List?

Des Rocs

NYC based Des Rocs (real name Danny Rocco) has recently shared the title track off his forthcoming debut EP. Double trouble on the live stage, Danny is an exceptional guitarist and vocalist; living proof that rock’n’roll is still alive and kicking. Maybe, I”, is the fourth instalment of his swaggering alt-rock project, packed with the huge riffage and infectious energy that his growing fanbase has become accustomed to.

Rock This and Walk Like A Badass are 2 of 17 influential playlists that Des Rocs is featured on this week. Picking up over 7 million playlist followers, his artist following of 2,800 is also growing at an impressive rate of 9.58% (Instrumental MusIc Scouting Platform).


Pizzagirl is the solo project of Liverpool based artist Liam Brown. Back in April, he made a big introduction with his aptly named debut EP, ‘An Extended Play’. With European electro and 80s influences, his new cut “gymnasium” is a quirky and nostalgic slice of electro-pop. Packed with fun bouncing beats, the track never takes itself too seriously, but still purveys an endearing and addictive eccentricity.

Also on the Instrumental Hot List this week, Bedroom Pop and Psyche Pop & Surf Rock are the largest of the 5 influential playlists Pizzagirl is featured on. With over 300,000 playlist followers this week, his playlist following is growing at a rate of 13.5% (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

Radiant Children

London-based based Radiant Children have dropped the perfect introduction to their sound with debut EP ‘TRYIN’. Fusing R&B, soul, funk and jazz elements with infectious melodies, “TRYIN’” is effortlessly original. Despite being released in August, the EP is still picking up momentum on Spotify, with their playlist following growing at over 107% this week.

With features on 15 influential playlists including Teen Party and Love, Sex & Water Radiant Children have picked up an impressive 4 million new playlist followers this week, taking their total to over 7.7 million (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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