4 Oct 2018

Essential New Music: La Lusid, Rosie Carney, KOPS

Check out this week's essential new music, as selected by the Instrumental music scouting platform.

Our A&R scouting platform tracks over 440,000 artists and 4,900,000 tracks on Spotify, highlighting artist momentum through dynamic audience reach data. We've picked our favourites from this week's fast-risers.

La Lusid share the perfect autumn soundtrack, Rosie Carney tells her most personal tale yet and KOPS drops an electro-pop floorfiller.

1. La Lusid

Swedish five-piece La Lusid’s debut is the perfect Autumn soundtrack.

Stockholm-based La Lusid have dropped their self-titled debut album. The band built excitement for the release with stunning indie-pop single “Gran Canaria”, which comes as close as any to be the anthem of the record. With warm and melancholic tones, “La Lusid” is soul replenishing and perfectly fitting for the Autumn months.

La Lusid have picked up over 165,000 new playlist followers this week

With features on three hugely influential playlists including New Music Friday Sweden and P3 Spellista, La Lusid have enjoyed a huge 418% increase in their playlist following over the past 7 days, taking their total to 204,000 (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform)

2. Rosie Carney

Rosie Carney shares the fourth single from her highly anticipated debut album

Rosie Carney has shared her latest single “Thousand”, featuring Lisa Hannigan. The release is the fourth single from her forthcoming debut album, Bare, which is set for release on January 25th. On title single “Bare”, Carney shared a story of isolation and solitude. Having opened up about her daily mental health battle and the impact of the industry on people’s mental wellbeing, “Thousand” tells an even more personal tale about her grandmother's dementia.

Rosie Carney has picked up over 2.6 million new playlist followers this week

With features on 36 influential playlists, Carney’s total playlist following has grown to over 19 million, after enjoying a 15.52% rise (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).  

3.  KOPS

Danish future star kops drops electro-pop floor filler "Salvation"

Kops Kronback, better known as KOPS, has dropped “Salvation”, a swaggering electro-pop anthem fit for the dancefloor. The former skateboarder, DJ, composer, director and choirboy has been busy after a short hiatus. In his attempt to describe the track, KOPS said; “Like an astronaut floating aimlessly in space just waiting for the oxygen to run out”.

KOPS has picked up over 4.7 million new playlist followers this week 

With features on 33 influential playlists including multiple New Music Friday’s, KOPS’ playlist following has grown by over 760% this week to over 5.3 million (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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