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Influencer Top Tips

Influencer Top Tips

Technology, YouTube, Millenials, Teen Guys, Teen Girls, Young Professionals
28 Oct 2016
by Tess Moujaes

Ever wondered what advice rising stars pass on to new talent?  Influential YouTuber ProdigioPete returns to share his insights into the secrets of rising to the top...

1. Share your videos to relevant sub Reddits.

When you start out it can be hard to get to that first milestone of 100 subscribers. Sharing to Reddit and other relevant forums is a great way to quickly build an audience of people interested in the videos you’re making.  But don’t spam your videos on there!

2. Collaborate 

Look for Youtube creators of a similar size – see if they want to collaborate, share ideas and cross promote your channels. 

3. Mistakes keep you relatable

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be perfect or for your first few videos to be as good as other popular channels you watch. If you went back and watched the first videos of some of your favourite creators it would surprise you how different they were back then!  Your confidence and style will develop as time goes by and you make more videos.

4. Constructive criticism

When you start out on YouTube be prepared for a little criticism.  Don’t see it as all bad – take it as a lesson to improve.  What you need to do is pick out the constructive criticism that you can learn from and immediately forget about anything written intended just for your reaction.  If you do get the odd hateful comment don’t be perturbed by it, it is normal.  

5. Develop your style

It won’t necessarily happen right away but you will need to develop an image or a style – a brand basically, that your followers can look out for and see as ‘you’.  For example a style, font and colour scheme for your video thumbnails that you use consistently.

6. Enjoy what you’re doing

It really does come across in your videos!  It’s easy to tell if someone enjoys what they’re doing or sees it as a chore. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, be ‘real’ have a laugh and don’t worry if you make the odd mistake in your commentary or voice over. It makes you, you.

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