1 Oct 2018

Meet the Team: Anthony Manganiello

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and Detroit. While I had always been interested in music, it quickly became my main focus after attending Lollapalooza and a couple of local Detroit shows in 2012. I studied Contemporary Culture and Entertainment Business at New York University, where I fostered an infatuation with live music scenes, leading to my thesis on the preservation of underground nightlife in cities. Having fallen in love with the vibrancy and diversity of New York City and London’s music scenes, I worked a number of music-related jobs in the live event and digital media spaces prior to joining Instrumental.

What does your role entail?

Most of my time is spent reaching out to A&R and talent scouting teams at record labels, music publishers, management companies – anyone who needs to discover talent for their business. I have the fun job of showing people our scouting technology, which is something they’re usually pretty excited about.

What’s the best part of your job?

Meeting with our clients and seeing all of the platinum records on the walls. You can feel the history of some of these organizations and remember why they’re so iconic.

What did you want to be when you were little?

It switched back and forth between professional ice hockey player and lawyer, but that was before I found out you could work in the music industry without being able to play an instrument.

In your spare time, what do you get up to?

I love going to concerts, parks, and museums, in that order. I also try to stay up to date with politics, and cycle through about five or six of the same comedy shows that I watch every year or two.

What’s your earliest memory?

It’s quite tragic. I was probably four years old when I woke up in the middle of the night and threw up on my Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal. Even though we were able to wash and salvage him, he was never the same.

You have your own late night talk show, who do you invite as your first guest?

Kendrick Lamar. More people need to hear what he has to say.

London or New York?

This one is really difficult for me – I’m going to have to say London for music and the tube, but New York for everything else.

What would your superpower be and why?

Teleportation – I live off the slowest train line in the city.

If you have any queries about Instrumental’s A&R scouting platform or want to find out how it can power your music scouting efforts, please get in touch via hello@weareinstrumental.com