19 Sep 2018

Essential New Music: APRE, RedFaces, Cassia

This week's essential new music, selected by the Instrumental music scouting platform.

Our A&R scouting platform tracks over 440,000 artists and 4,900,000 tracks on Spotify, highlighting artist momentum through dynamic audience reach data. We've picked our favourites from this week's fast-risers.

Sheffield band RedFaces take a melancholy turn, Cassia offer tropical quality and APRE fuse futuristic sounds with pop sounds of the past.


‘Drum Machines Killed Music’: well... the title of APRE’s newly released EP is debatable, but the quality of the tracks that comes with it is not. The synth-pop duo blend futuristic sounds, with subtle synth nods to pop of the past. With rich harmonies, delicate but driven beats and tropical guitar riffs, "Drum Machines Killed Music" has a track or moment for every mood and situation.

Earning a spot on hugely influential playlists New Music Friday and The Indie List has encouraged the 470% growth in APRE’s playlist following this week. Their EP has been featured on 8 new influential playlists, and with such tropical and synthy quality, we expect this success to continue (Instrumental Scouting Platform).

2)  RedFaces

RedFaces’ latest release “Way Down” signals a slight migration towards a melancholy sound, with subtle synths and coasting vocal lines revealing RnB and pop influences. It’s an easy-listen: relatable, unfussy and feel-good.

The four-piece Sheffield-born band started their journey recording demos in a local studio with Alan Smyth, the creative behind Arctic Monkey’s first projects. They have been recognised by MTV as “one to watch”, and their 2017 single “Take It or Leave It” was promoted as BBC Radio 1’s Introducing Track of the Week.

With features on The Indie List and Transistor, amongst other influential Spotify playlists, RedFaces have picked up over 288,859 playlist followers this week (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

3) Cassia

As their native England descends into Autumn, Cassia’s latest release "Loosen Up" provides a quick escape to the shore of a secluded Caribbean island, with warm vocal harmonies and tropical guitar riffs.

The South Cheshire three-piece group have been going from strength to strength with recent gigs and releases, gaining support from influential playlists. Citing the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Police as important musical influences, Cassia have crafted a unique summery indie-pop sound.

With features on a number of influential Spotify playlists, Cassia’s playlist following has grown by an impressive 253% this week to over 600,000 (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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