12 Sep 2018

Learning the Tool 8: How do I find high-potential new releases?

This week we show you how the Instrumental music scouting platform can help you discover the high-potential new releases.

The Instrumental music scouting platform works as a connector between the music industry and emerging artists. The platform is at the forefront of data-driven online scouting, monitoring billions of data points each day, to deliver real-time intelligence on emerging artists to A&R and talent scouting teams.

How do I find high-potential new releases?

Every track that is pulled into the Instrumental dashboard has been released within the last three months; this is to ensure that the chart and filter functions capture the most recently unearthed tracks and artists. The dashboard is also updated daily, so each day you will see new artists and tracks enter our charts.

Particularly successful tracks with huge playlist support may remain at the top of the charts for the duration of the three month period. So, we have included a filter that allows you to browse through the most recent releases.

Our 'latest release after' filter allows you to view tracks released within your preferred time frame.

This function is particularly beneficial if you want to find the most recently released music. Whilst the statistics on releases for recently released tracks will not be as huge as those which have enjoyed time to progress in the charts, you will still be able to see uncover artists with high-potential.

In our last instalment of Learning the Tool, we shared how filters can help you scout for artists on specific playlists.

If you have any queries about Instrumental’s A&R scouting platform or want to find out how it can power your music scouting efforts, click here to request a demo or get in touch via hello@weareinstrumental.com