4 Sep 2018

Essential New Music: Jerry Williams, Kashmere, No Rome

This week's essential new music, picked by the Instrumental music scouting platform.

Our A&R scouting platform tracks over 440,000 artists and 4,900,000 tracks on Spotify, highlighting artist momentum through dynamic audience reach data. We've picked our favourites from this week's fast-risers.

This week, Jerry Williams shares a foot-stomper, Kashmere drop a stadium-sized single and No Rome collaborates with labelmates The 1975.

1) Jerry Williams

Jerry Williams returns with foot-stomping earworm, “Left and Right”

If you’re a fan of earworms, 22-year-old singer-songwriter Jerry Williams, is one to watch. Returning with “Left and Right”, she unleashes digs at a former lover, in an unforgivingly catchy way.

Opening with an upbeat guitar strum, and siren soundscapes, “Left and Right” demands attention from the start. A foot stomping earworm, with an Americana edge, the track follows a different direction to her previous indie-pop releases. Following her success with buoyant single “Grab Life”, “Left and Right” also showcases her sassier side: “I like your shoes, they’re just my size, I think I like them more than you, I’m very sorry but it’s true,” she jibes.

Following support from influential playlists including “A Perfect Day” and “Mellow Pop”, Williams has seen a 40% increase in total playlist followers this past week, pushing her total playlist following to over 800,000 (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

2) Kashmere

Kashmere's new stadium-sized single proves that they are ready to take things to the next level

Emerging as Stockport's next big thing, Kashmere return with a re-release of their addictive synth-driven, stadium-sized indie-pop anthem "Codeine".

Formed by Joey Newey (vocals, guitar), Andy Law (drums), Charlie Cole (lead guitarist) and most recently joined by bassist Freddie Hughes, it seems as if the band have finally found their groove. Having picked up attention with releases including "Blow Your Mind" and "Porcelain", their new single release illustrates that they have more to offer than Blossoms 2.0.

"I need you like codeine," croons Newey, whose vocal sounds stronger than ever. Law leads from the back, convincingly escorting the beat through sonic synths and shimmering guitar licks.

Gaining features on four influential playlists including New Music Friday UK and the Indie List, Kashmere's total playlist following has sky-rocketed to 850,039 this week (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform). Having just returned from a unique tour in China, Kashmere look poised to take the UK by storm.

3) No Rome

No Rome teams up with labelmates The 1975 on new track “Narcissist”

No Rome has shared a new track in collaboration with label pals The 1975. Signed to Dirty Hit Records, the pink-haired, soft-voiced, hot prospect has released “Narcissist”, featuring the vocals of Matty Healy.

“Narcissist” is taken from his new EP ‘RIP Indo Hisashi’, which Healy and The 1975’s drummer George Daniel also co-produced. Premiering on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show, No Rome explained that he has been out in LA working on both his new record and The 1975’s forthcoming album, ‘A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships’.

“We're actually all in LA right now kind of working on both records,” No Rome said. “It's been a bit crazy because everything's kind of happening on a certain pace but I think it's also been helpful to both creative sides because I get a break from doing mine, so I don't get to explore a bit of other sonics and then come back to mine in kind of like re-apply what I learned in ways that I would do it. Whilst doing that I’m also kind of trying to hop around and see if I could produce other stuff that’s a bit far out from the genre”, he continued.

Picking up support from 13 influential playlists including Chillax Ka Muna! and The Indie List, No Rome has gained 667,000 new playlist followers this week, taking his total to over 1.8m, clocking a 58% increase. Also picking up 1,685 new direct artist followers in the past 7 days, No Rome is also enjoying increased engagement with his music from a growing fan base (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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