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Influencer of the Month: Adam Waithe

Influencer of the Month: Adam Waithe

Travel, YouTube, Millenials, Teen Guys
20 Sep 2016
by Tess Moujaes

At Instrumental our TalentAI team unearth the most exciting new talent across all video platforms. The growing influence of these authentic creators makes them invaluable to the future of online marketing. Through a combination of technology and team expertise, we match these influencers with brands - a process we call Brand A&R.

This month PR Week put forward Brand A&R as the future of influencer marketing, recruiting our TalentAI team to create a list of the Top 50 Emerging Influencers. From this list we selected Adam Waithe as our Influencer of the Month. Click the link below for a deeper analysis of Adam's channel.

We caught up with Adam to get his take on influencer marketing, here's what he had to say...

Describe yourself, your channels and how you got started.
I've always been a practical joker, whether it's in class or just around my mates! From a young age I've been creative and independent and have always known what I wanted for my future so after I left college I focused on how I could work to become my own boss. For me that was via YouTube and luckily enough my channel is now my full time job.

My lifelong passion for films and filming means I spent a lot of time shooting shorts and sketches. After trying different channels and styles of video I found that making relatable/personal videos worked best for me in terms of growing and retaining an audience!

How have you worked with brands or causes?
Over the last year I've been working with bigger brands which is a really cool experience, when I was younger I didn't really expect to be working on campaigns with brands like Microsoft and Weetabix or companies like BBC Three.

These jobs range from me having complete creative control over the video to going on full professional shoot days. My recent Microsoft campaign saw me being sent off to learn about the jobs of the future. I ended up at Thorpe park testing out the Derren Brown ghost train!

What kind of collaborations with brands work best for you?
For me the best kind of collaborations are when the brand is able to trust me, allowing me to be myself and let the video blend into my channel as much as it can while still authentically and naturally promoting them. So for me a brand that is willing to listen to my creative input is a brand I can happily work with.

What works less well when working with brands? 
When I am working on a video that is promotion/advertorial it has to be as natural to my channel as possible otherwise my audience will feel it is too sponsored and lose interest, resulting in the exact opposite of what we have set out to achieve. It's vital that I retain as much creative control as possible because ultimately I have the best insights into what works for brands with my audience and my channel.

During your time as a YouTuber, what video are you most proud of?
I think my recent Barbados vlog stands out for me. It moves away from my usual videos that are often based in London in my bedroom!! I went to Barbados and put a lot of effort into the visuals, each shot, the music - all of it. 

What are the benefits of YouTube in comparison to other social media platforms?
I think YouTube is a lot more personal because an audience can see facial expressions, gestures, share my humour, hear my voice etc. It's a lot less curated than a photo on Instagram or line of text in a tweet. It means it has a lot more impact if you're trying to put a message across or promote something, even if that's just yourself. 

What's next for you
I’m having lots of meetings with different people in the media world so that is exciting but alongside all of that I'm continuing to film and upload for as long as possible! My next steps for my channel are to collab with more people, grow my audience, hopefully do more brand deals and continue living my life independently and freely.

Click to view Adam's YouTube channel 
Adam is represented by NVC UK.

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