9 Aug 2018

Who are the stars on Spotify's fastest growing playlists: ‘Radar Latino’?

Who are the stars on Spotify's fastest growing playlists? This week, we take a look at ‘Radar Latino’.

The Rise of Latin Pop

The number of Spanish-language tracks on Billboard’s Hot 100 increased by 375% in 2017. It was without a doubt, ‘the year’ of Latin pop. The 19 infectious Hot 100 tracks included one of the hits of the year, courtesy of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee.

However, the subsequent domination of Latin pop goes way beyond the “Despacito effect”. Growing global accessibility to and the influence of streaming services, including Spotify and YouTube, proved to be the perfect ecosphere for the spread of the genre across multiple markets. Radio stations were certainly not playing early Latin pop hits.

Also, unlike other country-specific genres, Latin pop is particularly danceable and infectious, allowing for easy appropriation in other markets. Finally, with the success of early collaborations between Latin and mainstream acts, labels and artists have jumped on the bandwagon to contribute to the genre, effectively snowballing its growth.

So who are the stars on Spotify’s fastest growing playlists?

Using our music scouting platform, we’ve analysed a data set of over 1300 influential Spotify playlists (those with over 10,000 followers), to uncover the future stars on the fastest growing playlists. This week, we uncover two of the stars on Radar Latino, one of Spotify’s most influential Latin pop playlists.

‘Radar Latino’ has grown rapidly in the last 6 months, from 301,000 playlist followers to 1,115,000, clocking an absolute change of 814,000 and 270% growth (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

1. Mau y Ricky

Venezuelan-born duo Mau and Ricky picked up 2018 Latin Grammy nominations for ‘Best New Artist’ and ‘Song of the Year’. The sons of legendary Latin singer-songwriter Ricardo Montaner, they were perhaps destined for stardom.

Born in Venezuela and raised in Miami, Mau and Ricky began their music career playing in a church band that they co-founded. Having asserted themselves as talented co-writers working on tracks for artists including Thalía, Miguel Bosé, Diego Boneta, the duo are now focussed on their own project.

Their latest single “22” has the driving beat, melodic hooks and infectious guitar riffs that made their 2017 single “Mi Mala” a charting hit, reaching Number 44 on Billboards Hot Latin Songs chart.

With features on Radar Latino, Viva Latino! And Baila Reggaeton among 124 other influential playlists, Mau y Ricky have picked up 8.7m playlist followers in the past 7 days. With an impressive 28% increase, their total playlist following now stands at over 38 million, making them the fastest-growers on the playlist this week (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

2. Alex Rose

Alexis Guzman, better known as Alex Rose was raised in the Rio Grande municipality of Puerto Rico. At the age of 16, he began to develop his sound, before jetting off to Florida, where he met his manager Jx El Ingeniero. Introducing him to reggaeton superstar J Alvarez, the duo began developing the Alex Rose project.

Fusing Latin pop hooks and trap beats, Alex Rose combines two genres of growing influence, pushing the potential of the Latin sounds that have dominated Western charts in recent times. Collaborating with a number of Latin hip-hop artists, including Argentinian rapper Cazzu on “Loca”, Alex Rose has picked up features on Radar Latino, amongst 66 other influential playlists.

With this playlist support, his total playlist following has grown by 1.29 million this week, to over 8.1 million, marking an impressive 18.75% increase. His artist following has also grown by 3,264 in the past 7 days, clocking a 7.48% in Spotify users directly engaging with his music (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

Last week, we uncovered the future stars on Spotify’s Bubblegum K-Pop playlist. Check back here next week as we delve into another fast-growing Spotify playlist to unearth future stars.

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