11 Jul 2018

Instrumental CEO Conrad Withey discusses the ‘Science of A&R’ at Abbey Road

On Wednesday 27th June, Instrumental CEO Conrad Withey discussed ‘The Science of A&R’ at Abbey Road Studios.

Conrad joined a group of speakers and industry guests at Abbey Road Studio Three, for the latest Red Talk. Titled ‘The Science of A&R’, the session explored the role of gut instinct and data science in forging a combined path towards the discovery of new artists.

Conrad discussed Instrumental’s data-driven approach to improving the talent discovery process for A&R teams. He explained that Instrumental are not using data to tell scouts who to sign. Instead, he demonstrated how we are using data to highlight exciting and unexpected opportunities for labels and publishers, whilst increasing the efficiency of the scouting process.

Following Conrad, AWAL’s Matt Riley discussed what ‘A&R-ing’ in 2018 really means. Matt explained that ‘data is important for AWAL to educate artists about their true value, as well as their projected value and future earnings’. However, he also stressed the importance of gut instinct in the A&R process.

Roxanne Greene followed to discuss Tubular Labs’ approach to providing talent and trends data on YouTube and other social video platforms. Alec Ellin, Co-Founder of crowdsourced talent discovery platform Laylo, was the final speaker of the night. “Laylo provides a social layer for music listening where fans can share the artists they are listening to and compete to be the highest ranking super-fan”.

During a floor discussion, industry attendees agreed that the opportunity to discover new artists is better than ever before and because of data and technology, it has become a global playing field.

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Photo: Abbey Road Red