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31 – 03 – 2021

Big Jade

Rapper Big Jade is HOT🔥 after her track ‘No Hook’ was added to Spotify’s 2.4m follower behemoth Most Necessary playlist, where she has been named one of the “next generation”. Since the playlist add, Big Jade’s Spotify popularity score has increased by 4 points and her followers have risen by 28.9%. She also features in several algorithmically curated playlists, suggesting that the Spotify algorithm has marked her as one to watch in her genre.

Watch the music video for 'Respectfully':

Big Jade, the 26-year-old spitter from Beaumont, Texas made a name for herself by releasing a series of videos online that showcased her rapping ability. Between doing hair and raising a young daughter, Jade posted freestyles on social media. Her no-nonsense attitude, fast delivery, and authenticity popped and cultivated a large fan base, along with the attention of Houston club legend, BeatKing. Newly signed to Alamo Records, Big jade is currently working alongside Beatking on a project slated for early 2021.

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