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03 – 03 – 2021

Avalanche Effect

German metal band Avalanche Effect are HOT🔥 thanks to a key placement on Spotify’s New Core playlist, which highlights the best in heavy rock music to 474k followers. The five-piece released their latest track ‘The Veil’ on February 26th, 2021, and was added to the playlist on release, accelerating their Instagram and Spotify follower growth.

The Avalanche Effect describes the feature of an algorithm in cryptography... But what does it describe in music? A new mix of breakdowns, melodic sing along parts, catchy clean vocals and strong Heavy Metal riffs: Modern Alternative Metal. Started on their own the band released their debut record Ascension (Mixed by the former Band member Dominik Gastreich, Mastered by Pitchback Studios) and the single Pain (Mixed and mastered by Embark Audio). With authentic emotions and passion the band puts their whole energy on stage. For their new release "Inner Strife" Avalanche Effect started working with Timo Bonner (Mega Blaster Recordings | Our Mirage). A new heavy sound with heart hitting clean vocals.

(Bio provided by artist/management and not written by Instrumental)

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