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09 – 03 – 2021

Alice Auer

Indie R&B artist Alice Auer is HOT🔥 thanks to a massive inclusion on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist, leading to a 565% increase in her total playlist followers and a 27.3% increase in her own Spotify followers. Auer also features on high-profile playlists such as Jazz UK, bringing her total playlist followers over 1 million.

Alice Auer is modest by nature, sometimes too much, so writing bios isn’t quite her thing. 
 But if she were to forget her self-deprecation, she would tell you she is a rare gem in the Jazz-Soul world. She would tell you, that by combining her formal jazz training, natural songwriting ability and her taste in modern production, she creates music that honours both the old and new jazz movements. 
 While a skilled songwriter and musical theorist, Alice is primarily a vocalist’s vocalist. Inspired by the likes of Chet Baker, Nat King Cole and Moonchild’s Amber Navran, her vocal style matches her character: understated, honest and natural. 
 After releasing her debut single ‘October’ in 2019, Alice went on to collaborate with Sam Wills for her follow up release ‘Shadow’, which saw her experiment with the R&B genre. 
 Alice is now busy developing a number of exciting projects, working hard in the studio with emerging producers and instrumentalists across the London and UK music scene.

Bio provided by artist/management and not written by Instrumental.

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