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26 – 02 – 2021

Adeline Hotel

Folk songwriter Dan Knishkowy AKA Adeline Hotel is HOT🔥 on our platform following the release of his album ‘Good Timing’ leading to a 62% increase in Spotify followers. With a review in Pitchfork and placements in the algorithmically generated Spotify playlists ‘The Pulse of Drone Folk’ and ‘The Edge of American Primitive’, Knishkowy is one to watch in the folk world.

The songs Dan Knishkowy writes and sings for Adeline Hotel are tender and frank, disarming in their commitment to treating the sweetness of love and friendship with the gravity and wonder such a subject deserves. The “solid” part might take a little longer to sink in. The band—guitarists Knishkowy and Ben Seretan, bassist Andrew Stocker, pianist Winston Cook-Wilson, drummer Sean Mullins, with a host of others joining in here and there—plays softly and spaciously, with as much emphasis on listening as on making themselves heard. The sound they conjure together is less concrete than the album title lets on: a memory of chance encounter; a few dust motes glowing in a shaft of sunlight, then drifting away from the bedroom window.

(Bio provided by artist/management and not written by Instrumental)

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