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You need these tips to maximise your engagement on TikTok with

More than any other social media site, TikTok facilitates community building, with the highly sophisticated algorithm introducing users to content creators they may have never discovered by themselves. As a TikTok creator, you're going to want to ensure that any new fans you pick up through the For You Page remain engaged enough to stick around, creating a vibrant community of viewers.

To maximise your reach as a creator on TikTok, you must be mindful of one thing: engaging with your audience. This is best done on the comment section of the videos, which provides the perfect opportunity to engage with your viewers. For this reason, TikTok has come up with the Q&A feature to increase the creator’s connection with the audience, and the LIVE feature to build a community of your own as you create your videos.

What is the Q&A Feature

Q&A improves on the connection between creator and audience by allowing viewers to ask questions directly to the creator through his Profile page or through a video’s comment section.

How to access Q&A on TikTok
How to access Q&A on TikTok

In the creator’s Profile bio, the Q&A profile link will take the viewers to a separate page where all questions and their corresponding video responses can be viewed in a single place. Viewers can submit new questions from the Q&A page and can browse through older questions and their responses to make sure no similar ones are repeated.

Another feature of the Q&A is that viewers have the choice of marking their comment on a video as a question. This helps the creator to spot questions in the comment section easily and can proceed with responding to them. Responding to Q&A’s also have different options that you, as a creator, can explore. Creators can reply to questions as comments or via video replies. They also have the choice to add Q&A comments as stickers in their responses. If you choose to respond to a question with a video, this new video will link back to the original one where the particular question was asked.

Q&A during LIVE videos

Q&A questions during LIVE videos are also a great way to connect with audience and viewers in real time. Comments during a LIVE video marked as Q&A can easily be spotted by the creator in the stream chats from a separate panel. The host can also choose to make the questions visible to all viewers and answer them formally through Q&A.

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The Importance of Q&A

What should be kept in mind is that Q&A isn’t only a feature for LIVE or normal videos. It is a vital part of the TikTok community and comment experience. Trends and culture are decided and shaped in the comment sections of TikTok. It is an empowering feature allowing you to connect individually with audience members and learn more about them so that your videos can cater to them specifically and relate to them on a more personal level.

How to activate Q&A

You can activate the Q&A feature by opening Settings and the Privacy page, selecting Creator tools, and then Q&A, and finally pressing the “Turn on Q&A” button.

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