01 – 07 – 2021

Six secrets to a successful TikTok creator

Our latest TikTok creator guide is all about how to take your output to the next level. You might have had one or two videos catch the algorithm and rack up some views, now you're going to want to develop an audience and make a name for yourself on the platform.

Since its launch in 2016, Tiktok has become one of the hottest apps in the market with more than 689 million international users on its platform right now. More than any age group it has found an unrivalled fanbase among Gen Z users. With so many users aspiring to be TikTok famous, standing out in between millions of content creators is difficult and challenging. Therefore, you need all the help you can get to elevate your videos to something genuinely unique and exceptional. Here we’ll discuss some of the best practices that will help you make content that will truly resonate with your followers.

Know what you want to be known for

Since there are thousands of content creators on the internet, you have to have a unique story or a skill to share with the rest of the world. Many creators find success on TikTok by focusing on what makes them unique. One way to find what makes you and your content special is to write a goal for yourself. So that whenever you upload a video, you ensure your content correlates with your principles.

You can follow trends and create the same thing as most users and still get a lot of views. Differentiating yourself, however, and creating your community and finding a niche will lead to a long-lasting career.

The key to success is consistency

From what we know of the TikTok algorithm, it doesn’t mind or penalize users for frequent uploads, unlike other social media platforms. If you follow any famous TikToker, you’ll see a pattern of consistently posting content, because as Alessandro Bogliari, the CEO of the Influencer Marketing Factory puts it- even users with 20 million viral hits can risk disappearing into a sea of TikTokers if they don’t follow up with frequent posting.

Just posting consistently alone doesn’t cut it, however. You need to show consistency in all aspects of your videos, which includes production and formatting as well. Cohesion in such phases of your content will allow people to familiarize themselves with your videos, your brand and know what to expect and anticipate when they follow you.

While having a cohesive content strategy is good, don’t let it interfere with experimenting with your videos and trying new formats.

Set goals

You have to be a planner to become successful at anything. Setting goals will help you identify what you want to achieve with your videos and then follow through on those ideas. Say for example what you really want to do is share knowledge on music theory or teach others how to read music- you can consider short tutorials into your overall content strategy.

Connect with the TikTok community

What better way to grow on TikTok than seeking help from the very community you want to be part of. Lean into the TikTok community and understand what they care about by watching TikTok trending videos, hashtags, challenges etc. This way you can bring your unique flavour into the mix. The TikTok community is very friendly, as you can expect from a social media group, and you genuinely try to connect, you will be embraced. It's good to engage with influencers that you like- you can follow them, like/subscribe/comment on their videos and even interact with their followers.

Make sure you spend time on the “For You” page and pay attention to the trends, how they use hashtags and capitalize on them.

Play with TikTok tools

Speaking of experimenting, using new tools that the TikTok app provides is looked on favourably by their algorithm. Playing with new filters and effects that TikTok is always adding will make sure you are keeping pace with the platform to rack up followers. Another important aspect is to make sure your video can be repurposed by other content creators- if others can remix your video, duet with it or reuse your audio, you will be tagged and gain viewers.

Have Fun

Insincerity can be smelt from a mile away. It is important that you enjoy watching and creating your videos first for others to find you entertaining. So push boundaries and have fun in your creations for others to find the fun in them!

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