16 – 06 – 2021

TikTok creation essentials - Lights, camera, TikTok!

Now that you've created a TikTok profile, got to grips with the For You Page and even discovered some creators to follow, you're going to want to get stuck in to creating your own videos. In this guide, we're looking at all in-app tools available to help you create videos on TikTok.

There are quite a number of elements that go into making a TikTok video click, some which include the look and feel of the video, the sound and the story. The first thing to mind is the look of the video. Once you tap on the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen, you will be taken to the video creation page, where you can dabble with your creativity to make a video that is both visually and intellectually stimulating to your audience.

You will find different video in the For You section, which will give you an idea of the different ways TikTok allows you to modify your videos. TikTok videos, as a rule, are almost always short, concise, to-the-point and visually captivating, since the creator has only a few minutes to capture the attention and interest of the audience.

The second most important feature of a TikTok video is its vertical nature. Anyone who is used to shooting in the landscape mode will have to take some time getting used to vertical videos. It is important to be mindful of the framing and spacing in the vertical setting of the video, making absolutely sure that the subject of your video is not covered by any of the TikTok icons. It does not make a difference whether you are shooting with a professional camera or your mobile phone. Both modes of photography and videography can make for excellent TikTok content.

Be a Storyteller

At the heart of TikTok is good storytelling. Think about video scenarios and subjects that can be told in the format of a story, which will grab the interest of your viewers. For example, you can make videos on a DIY project or a beauty tutorial or even just an ordinary day in your life.

The videos you make need to be described precisely so that the audience knows what the video is about and can also find it later. Think about a detailed caption for your video. Use relevant hashtags so your video can be easily located by viewers.


The TikTok in-app camera is as easy to use as any. Just press the red icon on the screen to start recording a video and release the icon to stop. This can be done as many times as necessary during the course of your video. You can also tap on the record button to record your video without having to hold your phone. You can flip the camera to show your audience what you see mid video. You can even activate different filters for the aesthetic of your videos.

You can move around with your camera while shooting, which will give your audience a more dynamic way to connect with your video. Make sure the lens of your camera is in perfect condition so that the videos you shoot come out exactly the way you want them to.

You can also make use of camera stands to steady your camera while shooting. While many affordable camera stands are easily available in the market, you can also get creative in case you don’t have a camera stand. Books, pillows, shelves, bags, anything can act as a stand if it positions your camera well enough and keeps it steady during the course of your video.

Toggle the Speed

TikTok gives you the option to toggle the speed of your video or shots. You can use the slider at the bottom to vary the speed, slow motion (0.3x, 0.5x) or fast motion (2x, 3x).


You can select the appropriate sound effect or song for your video beforehand, and shoot your video accordingly. You can even use the music timer to sync videos to music and add sounds to uploaded videos during editing.


Lighting of the surroundings is an extremely important factor when it comes to any type of photography, as it is while shooting TikTok videos. With good lighting, it is easier to set the mood and tone of your video, thus attracting your viewers’ attention. With good lighting, your audience will also have the know-how of where the focus of your video lies, making the shooting smoother and hassle-free.

Creative Effects

The effects menu will be available on the bottom left corner of your screen. Once you access the effects menu, TikTok will provide you with different categories for effects, that include, trending, new, interactive, beauty, and editing.

You can also include texts in your video to let your audience know what your video talks about. Consider putting subtitles to your videos in case the audience prefers to watch them with their sound turned off.

Adjust Clips

You can also adjust certain clips of your video if you feel they are not up to the mark. This feature lets you reorganise clips in different positions, cut them, or delete them altogether and replace them with a new clip.

Voiceover and voice effects

Voiceover is a useful feature in TikTok where you can narrate what is happening in your video, helping your audience engage with your creations. You may also want to use a series of creative voice effects to spruce up your narration, like a megaphone or a robot voice.

Transitions and Jump Cuts

Creators can use transition effects between their video shots which as a fun way to go from shot to shot. You can use a television feature that produces the effect of switching on or off a TV once your shot is done, or a scrolling effect that makes it seem like you are scrolling from one shot to another.

You can even add a dynamic and dramatic flair to your videos by introducing jump cuts. Jump cuts transition from one video shot to another that has advanced in time or place, thus making the video visually capturing.

Plan what you want to shoot

It is always useful to plan your videos beforehand. This helps you sketch out your story for the video, decide on the lighting effects, and what type of post-production editing the video might need to make it more attractive.

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