23 – 06 – 2021

TikTok creation essentials – Get to know TikTok's features

By now you will have been using TikTok for a while - and maybe even created a few simple videos of your own - but how do you get the most out of the app? This guide looks at the list of features contained within TikTok to make your videos stand out and hopefully end up on other people's For You Pages.

The “For You” feature in TikTok is the central and most important feature, in that it provides a glimpse of all that the community is about.

When you open the TikTok app, the first page that you land in is the For You tab. This is all about making the experience personal because the For You feed is curated according to your tastes. You will find videos from your favourite communities and favourite creators. For the For You feature to get better and better at curating videos and recognising your taste, it is imperative for you to keep using TikTok.

The For You feed is generally powered by a recommendation system, which broadly consists of three factors: the videos that you have interacted most with, including liked, commented on, and shared, the video descriptions that you most use, including hashtags, sounds, and other information, and your phone settings, including language, country, and device type.

Curating your feed

The important question is how you should curate the For You feed according to your needs and tastes. And the answer is very simple. Just use TikTok.

The more videos you watch, and the more videos you like, comment on and share, even the more hashtags you interact with, will all contribute to making the For You feed tailored for you.

However, what would you do if you find a video that you don’t like? Simply, long press on any such video until the “Not Interested” icon appears over it and select it. You also have the option to hide videos from a particular creator you don’t like, or videos containing a particular sound.

Not Interested button on TikTok
Just tap 'Not Interested' if you see a video you do not like

Getting your videos on the feed

The more engaging videos you make, the more likely you are to attract an audience and get them to interact with your video, thus the better the chances of having your video feature on the feed. Create videos that you love on subjects that you connect with. It may take time to gain traction initially, but with great videos you will soon feature in the For You feed yourself.

TikTok Duets

The Duet feature on TikTok lets you collaborate with other creators. These have many advantages, including reaching out to a bigger audience and tagging the creator that you have collaborated with. Traditional Duet videos place your video on the right or left side of the original video, however, there are different options you can choose from. The Reaction video lets viewers see your reaction of a certain video with the help of a picture-in-picture display. Top and Bottom places your video either above or below the original one. And Three Screens allows more creators to collaborate with your collaboration.

TikTok Duet feature
Hit 'Duet' to live react to another video


The Stitch feature helps you to clip, cut and integrate scenes from other videos into your own video, making your video more fun and engaging.

Text on Cover Image

You have the option of adding a text on the cover image of your video, especially related to what the video is about. Once viewers see your video on their For You feed, or your profile, they will know what your video is exactly about, which will provide them with an added incentive to watch.

Reply to Comments with Videos

If you want to reply to a particular comment with a video, you can do so by selecting the particular comment and choosing to reply with a video. The selected comment will then turn into a customised sticker which you can use in your video.


This feature helps you add a voice over or a narration to a video that you have already created. You may want to narrate what is going on in the video, add your voice to a song or even just describe what the video is about.

Pinning stickers

You can add on to your creative flair of your videos by choosing to pin stickers on the video itself. In doing this, the stickers will move with the video and will adjust its size according to the movement of your video making it seem like they are a part of the video.

Sounds on TikTok

Sounds on TikTok are just as important as the visuals. The sounds that you choose go a long way in attracting an audience to your videos. Currently, when you open TikTok, you land immediately on the For You page, with the sound on. Which is why TikTok provides you with an extensive library to choose what sounds you want for your video. It also lets you create your own sound which can then be used by other creators in their videos.

TikTok Music
Explore TikTok's extensive music library

Always stay on the lookout for the trending sounds. These are the ones that the community is currently engaging with, so including these in your video will ensure more views.

To access the Sounds page on TikTok, tap on the ‘+’ icon on the bottom bar of your screen and then select the “sounds” icon from the “Record Video” page. The Sounds section is an ever changing one, with top trends, biggest global hits and playlists constantly being updated. Explore the page to the fullest to make your videos stand out.

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