07 – 07 – 2021

Improve your TikTok game with these Content Strategy Basics

So far in our TikTok Creation Essentials series we've covered the very basics, from starting an account to getting creative with the platform's in-built features. At this point, you may very well have created some videos and started growing an audience, but how do you keep the momentum going and ensure that your content continues to resonate?

There are certain strategies that you can keep in mind and put into play to make sure you stand out on TikTok. Over a period of time, it is possible to gauge the performance of the videos you make and comprehend their reach and the impact they make on the audience. With such knowledge, you can make a data-driven strategy which can help you create extraordinary videos. Analytics can help you determine who are engaging with your videos the most, at what time your audience is the most active, and which of your videos are most engaging.

The following practices can help you come up with a good strategy to make your creations truly stand out.

Create videos that stand out

The format of your videos plays an important part in how they create an impact. For example, it is best to shoot vertical videos since they take up the entire phone screen and would be more engaging with the viewer. It is also preferable if the video is longer than five seconds, since that is the least amount of time the audience takes to connect with the subject of the video.

The captions that you choose for your videos can also play an important role. Use the space given for captions to best describe the content of your video and share more information about the subject you have chosen so that the viewer knows what the video is about.

Finally, play around with video effects as much as you can. TikTok provides you with a great number of creative effects to make use of. From freeze-frames, to voice-overs, to Duets, let your creativity reach the optimum level with the features that you are already gifted with.

Understanding Analytics

To really understand how well your videos are being received by the TikTok community, it is useful to make use of the Analytics option. To access Analytics, go to your profile, select ‘…’ in order to open your settings, and tap on “Creator Tools,” followed by “Analytics.” (Note: To view analytics you must set up a TikTok Pro account. Simply go to 'Manage Account' and activate the feature)

How to open TikTok Analytics

There are three main categories to TikTok Analytics. First, ‘Overview’ lets you see your video views, profile views, and follower count over the last 7 days and 28 days separately. ‘Content’ lets you view the individual performances of your trending videos over the last one week. And finally, ‘Followers’ allows you to check who your audience is, where they are from, what their activities have been on the app throughout the day and more.

It is always preferable to not get stuck on one metric only. Instead, keep a track of high-level trends on your analytics and how your audience is engaging with your videos. The ones that can capture the attention of your audience early on and can maintain it throughout, make for the best and most shareable videos.

The For You feed pulls in videos that were posted in the last 90 days, but videos usually peak in their engagement with viewers during the first few days of getting posted. However, the more viewers engage with your video, the better are the chances of it getting featured in the For You feed.

Connecting with right audience

With analysing your Analytics and what keeps your videos engaging, you can also gauge what kind of videos better connect with your audience. Consider putting hashtags in the caption of your videos, so that they can be pulled up better by the audience who engage with trending topics of the same hashtag. You can also tag other content creators that have inspired you in your own videos, so that you can cash in on their audience as well. Participating in trending topics and video challenges are also a great way to keep your videos in the most viewed category.

You can also consider adding sounds and trending songs to your videos because these can connect well with audience who love song and dance challenges.

In the end, just remember to experiment and try different tactics for your videos to see which resonate better with your audience.

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