27 – 10 – 2020

Three Ways to Make Money When You Can't Play Live Shows

Can't perform live currently? There is still a chance to make income from your music online:

1. Create private concerts with your fans via social media!

Get closer to your fans by promoting an online concert - you could stream this live on Twitch and perform requests or covers in exchange for a small donation.

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2. Push Your Merch!

Now is a great time to push any merch you have remaining from previous shows - why not create ‘Cozy Deals’ for your fans promoting your comfiest merch, or buy one, gift one free to friends! Offer exclusive bonus items for maximum reach - this doesn't have to cost money. You could send each fan who orders a band curated playlist to listen to!

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3. Sell beats online!

Do you produce your own music at home? Check out ways you can sell unused music online or list your production/songwriting skills online. There are so many sites to choose from, why not start by looking at what you can offer on Beatstars.

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