21 – 07 – 2021

Read this before going LIVE on TikTok

Going LIVE can help you connect with your audience in real time. You can utilise live videos by showcasing your talent, showing your passions, or just to deepen the relationship with your viewers. There are various ways that you can make live videos have an impact on your audience.

Going LIVE on TikTok is a definite way to connect better with your audience because you have the luxury of a longer video to interact with your viewers in real time. Apart from utilising live videos to talk about your passions or your talents, you can also hold fundraisers for select charities. The live videos can help start discussions on why you support certain charities and can influence your viewers to support them as well. Charities are always pre-selected in the videos, so your viewers know where they are donating beforehand.

Unlike edited videos that only allow audience members to comment after the video has been posted, live videos enable the creator and his viewers to interact in real time. You can ask questions, answer queries from your audience, respond to requests and hold discussions at the same time. This facilitates connection with your viewers on a whole other level and is extremely beneficial for the growth of your profile as it increases your influence directly on the TikTok community.

According to the TikTok community guidelines, you must be 16 years of age or above in order to go LIVE. You must also have at least 1,000 followers. To access the LIVE feature, tap on the create “+” icon, swipe on the navigation panel to reach LIVE, and press Go LIVE. While going live, you can also press on the three dots to add features, effects, filter comments and add a maximum of 20 moderators. If you are above 18 years of age, you earn gift points during your live video sessions. Viewers may also choose to support their favourite creators by sending them virtual gifts that can later be converted into funds.

TikTok Live

Here are some pointers to keep in mind before starting your first LIVE video:

Choose an optimal time slot

Think about the best time and the availability of your desired audience before starting a live video. That way you can ensure maximum exposure and interaction with your viewers.

Think about the length of LIVE videos

How long you wish to interact in a live video is your decision to make, because it differs from creator to creator and topic to topic. However, for starters, 30 minutes is a moderately good time to make a meaningful connection.

Find an area with good lighting

Always be mindful of the lighting of your video. Poor lighting fails to attract the attention of the viewer and will ultimately result in a drop in the number of viewers of your live video. Make sure your video has access to good lighting so that your audience knows what is going on and is not distracted too easily.

Make your sound clear

Just as lighting, sounds play an essential role in making your live videos click. Make sure the audience can hear you and are not side-tracked by background noises. It is always best to look for a relatively quiet place to begin a live video session.

Select the perfect camera angle

Unlike a pre-recorded video that can be viewed multiple times in quick succession, LIVE on TikTok is an engrossing event in real time. If your camera angle moves around more than necessary, it can create difficulty for the viewers to connect with the video. Pick one position for the camera and stick to it throughout the video unless absolutely necessary to move directions.

Plan things out

It is always better to plan the course of your live video. There is no need to have a prepared script to go LIVE, but you should be ready with a plan of how your video should proceed, so as not to lose interest of your viewers midway.

Stay safe on LIVE

TikTok provide a number of guidelines and safeguards for LIVE videos. Creators can choose to disable comments, filter comments, mute certain viewers as well as block someone from viewing their LIVE videos.

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