27 – 10 – 2020

How to make money on TikTok

TikTok is more than the home of memes and viral trends; it is a vital part of music marketing.

Why do I need to grow on TikTok?

Previously unknown Maryland-rapper, Arizona Zervas, is now the 55th most listened artist in the world on Spotify. His catchy hit “Roxanne” was used in hundreds of thousands of TikTok videos in 2019, propelling him into the Top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100. The song reached number 1 on Spotify's United States Top 50 chart, becoming the first track by an unsigned, fully independent artist to top the chart.

How do I grow?

Make authentic music content including singing videos Participate in Viral Challenges Use hashtags in the same way you should on Instagram interact with users and duet with other artists - why not ask a fellow frtyfve artist to duet with you? Become aware of trends outside of your niche - how could you apply them?

Now you’ve grown your fanbase and followers, you can start to make money - but how?

Artist Partnerships:

You could be paid to use someone else's track on your video, or to cover their track and promote it.

Brand Partnerships:

If you centre your account around your music, you could have the opportunity to partner with music brands eg) Fender. If your focus is on lifestyle, it could be a whole plethora of companies!

Drive streams:

You can use the platform to drive interest towards your Spotify account. You can even directly link your YouTube account to your TikTok profile page Boost your other socials - Connect your Instagram and YouTube account directly to your Tik Tok profile to make sure new fans know how to find you - you can also then use your followership for further paid opportunities on those platforms

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