27 – 10 – 2020

How to Collaborate on Social Media

Collaboration on Social Media is a great way of reaching new audiences whilst growing your streams & social following.

Finding artists to collaborate with

Reach out to your contemporaries: You should be aware of other artists in the same scene as you - reach out to them and see if they're up for it!

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What should a collaboration look like?

Singing videos:

covering each other's songs, dueting and sing-offs are a great way to boost your's, and your collaborators followerships. Videos like these can be posted across all social channels and are a particularly good way to kick off your TikTok growth.

Curate a Spotify playlist together:

Choosing your favourite songs, artists who have inspired you both most - don’t forget your own songs!

Interview each other:

Do you get inspiration from the same artists? Do you write songs in the same way? How do you record your tracks? Provide your audiences an insight into your lives as artists.

Remix videos:

Are you a producer that also wants to collab on Social Media? Why not post a video of yourself remixing your partner's track in your own style!


Challenge each other to write a song in an hour or to recreate a cover in 15 mins - film it and get your fans to vote who did it best!

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